Lost Adventures of Childhood

Last sunday, after church, I was settling in for my afternoon nap. A privilege I have enjoyed since church started at 9:00 am. I change out of my church clothes, put on comfy jammy sort of things and get a blanket. I put in a movie and hope to fall asleep to it. This weeks choice was the Princess Bride, one of my all time favorites.

As I pulled the disk out and slid it in to the machine, I noticed a documentary was on. 15 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to put the disk in fast enough, but now I’m more mature.

The Documentary was about the loss of unsupervised play and its effect on children and their ability to problem solve. I remember being outside most of the day while my mom was at home doing at home things. My sisters and I would play with the neighbour kids all day only stopping briefly for lunch or a snack. We would ride our bikes all over the place, roller-skate, skip, play cops and robbers, go to the park by ourselves. We pretty much had free reign as long as we checked in once in a while.

The thought of letting my children roam the hood alone makes me a little ill, especially because of where we live. I long for them to have the experience of playing like I had when I was a child. Alas the stranger danger, hooking, home work and extra curricular activities are all working against this desire. We don’t even have very many extra curricular activities just piano and cubs. I would like to put my children in so many other things, but we can hardly keep up with the schedule we have now and maintain a decent bed time. But that is another post altogether.

The documentary states that when children are engaged in unsupervised play the learn to problem solve better. They lear communication and negotiation skills, and they learn to take risks. There nuro-pathways develop more. They also stated that some psychologists believe that there may be a link between lack of play and ADHD. That peaked my interest.

I would like to see the whole thing from the beginning but unfortunately it was a CTV exclusive. As for my movie and my nap. I got those in too. In place of a clip of the documantary is one from the Princess Bride. Still a great movie.


3 thoughts on “Lost Adventures of Childhood

  1. Very very interesting. Definitely something to think about. Did they say what age is good to start letting them play more on their own?

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