Dear Dollar Giant Employee,

I understand that your concern for shortage isn’t high on the priority list. You are just a body so the store can be open from 6-9. The fact that it took me more than 5 min to find you tells me this. And where did I find you… squatting on the floor playing with sunglasses. I know you would rather be somewhere else. I get it. I’ve been there. Its a pay check. My complaint however is not really about your lack of service.

When a parent takes the trouble to come down to the store to make their little one apologize for stealing, the reaction they are looking for isn’t one of laughter with a side of “thats so cute.” At least you could have feigned disappointment.

We are trying to teach our son that stealing is a big deal. When you tell him he is cute (a comment he has heard far too often in his life from retail people) it undermines us. Then we have to be harder on the child than we were in the first place. This is a less affective method as we look like crazy old people who don’t know what we are talking about because really, what is the big deal, they weren’t mad and stealing doesn’t hurt anyone. Besides I’m cute I can get away with it.

So next time when you see a parent pleading with their eyes for you to say something that will emphasize the seriousness of the situation say something like the following:

“Oh man.” and make a serious face rubbing chin might be good. “This is very serious. I can’t have people who steal coming in my store.” Fold your arms a get at eye level with them too. “Stealing is wrong, it is against the law. People go to jail when they steal. Is that what you want to happen? Do you want to be taken away from you mummy and you daddy and go to jail.” Then stand up and appear as if you are thinking. “I could call the police, but you did come back so I think I will just ban you from the store. You cannot shop here for at least a month.” Use your discretion I would have been fine for a whole year. “And when you come back, if you do steal again I will phone the police.” Then it might even be good to say “I’m also going to tell my other shop owner friends about you and if they see you stealing they will call the police too.”

You don’t have to follow this word for word, but at least do something other than laugh.

Tomorrow I will be coming down again and hopefully your manager will do something more. I don’t want to have to send him a letter too.


A Parent Who Is Really Trying


20 thoughts on “Dear Dollar Giant Employee,

  1. You’re kidding! When I worked at the Trading Co. in Magrath a parent brought the most adorable little girl in because she had stolen something. The little girl was crying as she apologized and I just wanted to hug her but even at 16 I had the sense to try and look stern as I said, “Stealing is wrong. We shouldn’t steal things. Thank-you for bringing it back.”

  2. The clerk probably had a pair of sun glasses in their bag at the end of the night. Thats why they found it funny. I think I’m getting cynical.

  3. That girl doesn’t have a sensible bone in her body! What was she thinking? (Oh yeah, she probably wasn’t.) Way to go for getting in touch with the manager.

  4. I can’t say I would have said anything nearly as good as you suggested in your letter. I’m not that quick on my feet…but I can say that I wouldn’t say anything as dumb as that clerk.

    Hopefully your talk with the manager goes better.

  5. hmmm…that is a tough situation.
    I agree that your Tweedle is crazy cute, but that is just not the point.
    You are a good parent and I hope for all our sakes that someone at that store is helpful.

  6. Dollar Gaint Treats it’s customers and employee’s very poor Watch my Youtube video find out more.

    or sign on too Youtube and search Doller Giant

  7. dude. I was working that day and that very same girl got fired because she wasnt using common sense. that was one girl you guys! This same thing happened to me a few times earlier this year and i had acted responsibly in saying to the little kid that it was a very wrong thing to do and that people who steal will only end up in prison or working at a 7/11 for the rest of lives. I am the youngest employee Dollar Giant has ever employed and even i act responsibly. i have even skimmed through the manual this “Kevin” speaks of. So watch his 2 ridiculous videos and read the comments i have left on them aswell.

    • this steven is one of the employee i work with swear every other word eats choolote bar off the shelf and seem to think itès o.k to light your smoke with a lighter and put it back on the shelf who want a used lighter

  8. I don’t condone the actions of the female employee….but at the same time, what do you expect 80% of the time with a minimum wage job and a younger employee. Why not ask to speak directly to the store manager or assistant manager first off?

    Which brings me to my next point. A manager or and assistant manager needs to be someone with tact and leadership ability. Someone that employees can trust and respect. Someone they can COUNT ON for support and be understanding and somewhat flexible and respectful when it comes to their employees.

    “Kevin”, who seems to have embarked on a glorious campaign against Dollar Giant for his dismissal, seems to think he is the victim here. I have watched all three of your “videos” Kevin, and I got to tell you….man up and grow a set buddy.

    You are no where CLOSE to being the victim here…unless you’re the victim of your own ineptitude.

    Where were the stories of you being rude to both customers AND employees you had under you? Chasing after customers and throwing their purchases out of their cart because they rolled out of the store with a shopping cart. What about the stories of employees constantly asking for YOUR assistance with change, going for bathroom breaks, etc. and basically talking down to your employees? What about your comments that calling in sick because one is pregnant or has a disability is no excuse to call in sick?

    Are these signs of a true, and respectful leader?! Nope…not in my book.

    A friend of mine had a run in with you at the Regina Dollar Giant one day. He said you had to have been the rudest guy he has ever dealt with and wondered how you got your job! All he asked was a simple question and you treated him like garbage.

    Frankly, “Kevin”, your pitiful attempts at making yourself look like the victim are…well, pitiful. You have no idea what leadership or tact is all about…….and you wonder why you were not respected by your co-workers? Frankly, you deserved to get fired….and not for confronting your boss on stealing….but for being a douche who treated employees and customers alike as if they were third rate citizens. THAT is the real reason you were fired Kevin, and you know it.

    Who am I you ask? I was a customer many times in your store Kevin. I know what went on there and what didn’t. Your pithy videos just show how self centered you are. You’re not the victim here….the victims are those employees and shoppers that you treated like crap.

    In closing, Alyson, I am sorry to have used your site as a venting ground. I do agree with your letter and your actions were correct and true. What I don’t appreciate is this Kevin jerk using YOUR site as a haven for his campaign against Dollar Giant when he was fired because of his own actions and rather rude and unsavory attitude.

  9. truth is I was a store manger in a diffent City For Dollar Gaint I gave my two week nocie They bag me “NOT TO QUIT BAGED ME” say they would give me a job in regina the city i was moving too the manger and staff tryed to make me one of they own but. I do not steal i do not take money that is not mine to take. then the last month they made up story about me, like posted uptop and passed around story`s around Regina of me. Till the manger could say sorry your fired

  10. Kevin…..your response makes little sense…..that, and the spelling and grammar is atrocious.

    In any case, what I have posted above is not a made up story as you would claim. I was a customer at the store and have no stake in your job there or the other employees. I just call ’em like I see ’em….just sayin’. So, in addition to calling me a liar, is my friend also a liar? Is he making up the story about how rude and unprofessional you were to him in the Regina store?

    Your response does nothing but deflect blame from yourself. You know why you were fired, and it wasn’t because you wouldn’t steal. It was because you acted unprofessionally towards customers and your fellow employees. You disrespected everyone around you….even your boss. You didn’t fit in because of your attitude towards others and your lack of willingness to support your co-workers and help them out.

    Plus, in your latest video, you claim “verbal abuse”. Where? I see 0 comments on either of the 3 videos I have seen to date. Where are the comments and verbal abuse? Surely, if this stuff is made up, you would want the whole youtube nation to see those comments, right? But guess what……every single comment on every video has been deleted. Why is that Kevin? Truth hurt or something??

    So, now, because no one would listen to you, you have now embarked on a mighty crusade to slay the dragon known as Dollar Giant…….a virtual David vs Goliath! The little guy wins, right?

    Not in this case…..I’m afraid you have bitten off way more than you can chew my friend…’re in over your head.

  11. delete all comments becouse they started useing last names and the swear was not needed. they could of made they point with out swear’s saying they goingot come after me. I you listen to the video my first one it say “what would you do?”

    Sit your boss down ask them to stop “like me”
    Go to the Cops
    Or Go to thr owner
    In the vidoe I am acking the people of you tube what they would of done if they were in my shoes.

  12. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin……while I agree that swearing and threats are not needed in this, or any other discussion, deleting their comments only makes you look guilty my friend. It makes it look like you have something to hide.

    I also now see that your previous 3 youtube videos have vanished? What gives? Now, Dollar Giant is the “Unhappy Giant”? Why the change in approach? Could it be that trademark infringement is illegal?! Using Dollar Giant logos on your video was against the law? Who’da thunk! You, who has been preaching that breaking the law is bad….have done the same thing! Whether you figured that out on your own or Dollar Giant’s lawyers did it for you, either way, you have lost even more credibility.

    Your latest video seems to be getting more personal. Fingering someone with MS and someone else who is pregnant…….and saying you weren’t mean to them. Uh…..what about your comments that being pregnant or having MS is no excuse to call in sick? But you volunteered for hot dog sales and such when you worked for Zellers, right? Well, that doesn’t make you a saint or anything. So you volunteered for a work function, everyone does from time to time….but volunteering for a hot dog sale where proceeds go towards the MS society doesn’t make you an expert on MS…enough so as to be able to determine when it is right or wrong for someone with MS to call in sick. Do you even have the SLIGHTEST idea what MS is or even how it effects someone? Look it up on the internet genius! Why not learn something. Maybe next time, you’ll understand why someone would call in sick because…oh, maybe they can’t walk the next day, wake up blind, etc. But that’s no excuse, right? Same thing with being pregnant. You have no flipping clue!

    Oh….and your quote about rules? No one has to give you 2 weeks notice if you’re gonna be fired. Seriously dude…I don’t know where you came up with that! I have seen co-workers where I work fired and escorted out the door the same day. No severance package or anything. You’re fired, you’re fired…gone, out the door, pack your stuff, etc. If you were getting laid off or something, then yes, but fired….nope! You know damn well why you were fired…not just because.

    In any case, you’re wasting your time and precious bandwidth on Youtube. People don’t want to hear your whining anymore Kevin. You got yourself fired…..the Labour Board told you to pound sand…..face it….why are you wasting your time?

    This time, actually READ and then RESPOND to my posts. Your rebuttals are getting kinda boring and really, make no sense at all. For someone who thinks they are smart and above everyone else, you’re not convincing me in any way.

  13. Thanks….although I am not meaning this to be funny or entertaining. I’m just trying to point out how Kevin is crying on about being the victim and that stealing is bad….and yet, he steals intellectual property from Dollar Giant to help smear their name!

    I don’t work for the company and never have, I was just a customer in the store, but sheesh, even half intelligent people know that using a trademarked logo withour permission is stealing. Beyong that, Kevin has not answered a single point regarding his attitude towards customers and employees at his store…..all of his comments and videos are nothing more than cries for attention. Look at me, I’m the victim here! Feel sorry for me! Help me in my crusade!

    In the end, Kevin is spinning his wheels. He is fighting a fight that is long over…..he just can’t see it. I still await a response to my rather valid points I have raised in my previous posts. I somehow thing I won’t get them.

  14. What a difference a few days and comments can make. Now, Kevin has posted an apology video on Youtube. In the video, he apologizes for the wrongs he has committed but goes on to justify why he did what he did. While I admire Kevin for doing the right thing and apologizing, I think the justification was not needed. There is no reason to be a jerk or anything to customers or fellow employees.

    With regards to customers leaving the store with carts, it happens. All one has to do is remind the customer in a friendly manner that carts are not supposed to leave the store. Usually, customers are good enough to take their possessions, but if not, why not do the friendly thing and help them to their car with their stuff and retrieve the cart. Nothing lost and the customer has a great experience…..and they come back.

    With regards to the fire hazard stuff, I can agree that a packed back room can be dangerous. Getting stock out is important…….but your comments about how hard “I” worked….it still makes it look like the employees you worked with did nothing. You are still partially deflecting blame. There are many things that need to be done around the store…it’s all about balance Kevin. You do what you can.

    As well, you weren’t the manager of the store….you were an assistant manager….let’s not forget that. Keeping the best interests of Dollar Giant is admirable, but not at the expense of your customers.

    As for comments about people with MS or being pregnant….while you don’t have to be an expert, as someone in a management position, it is worth your while to get to know something about what these people are going through. Knowledge and understanding go a long way. Again, working hot dog sales and fundraisers doesn’t make you an expert or more understanding of what someone is going through…..knowledge is the key. Read something about MS and I guarantee, you’re going to regret your earlier comments about MS not being a good enough excuse to call in sick…..same with pregnant women.

    Kevin…..I have not been posting to give you a hard time….I have been posting to make you realize that your leadership style and attitude leaves something to be desired. Real leaders look out for the best interests of not only their company or organization, but they also look out for those they are directly responsible for….the employees. If your employees are happy, they will work hard for you….and respect you. True, the employees need to understand their responsibilities, in showing up on time, acting professional, etc, but that also applies to you and everyone up the chain of command so to speak. I don’t think the employees were against you, you drove them away with your terse attitude. They didn’t respect you because you didn’t respect them. In other words, you set yourself up for failure.

    Leadership is a fine line sometimes Kevin. Some people in a leadership position feel the need to be hard nosed and keep their employees at arms distance. That’s not the case. You can still joke around and have fun with your employees, but when it’s time to be serious, be serious….without being a jerk.

    Policies are great, but they are not the “bible”. Policies are there as a guide, and not written in stone. The company I work for has many policies that I need to follow and quote every day. Some days though, in order to make a situation right for someone, I am empowered to bend the policies or go around them. Not all the time mind you, just when the situation warrants it. Every company does this…heck, even the military does it. YOU, as a leader, have to know when it’s time to stick to the rules and when you can bend them to make a certain situation right for someone, whether it be a customer or an employee.

    In the end, kudos to you Kevin……but I think your apology could go a lot further. If you bump into former employees and such in your travels, a quick apology face to face goes a long way. While I understand that you feel cheated for the way you were dismissed, I think you know that an apology is going to be hard pressed considering what has really happened.

    As I stated before Kevin, I am not trying to give you a hard time…..I’ve been wanting to show you how good leaders operate. I would hope you would take my comments to heart and try to apply them in future situations where you may find yourself in a leadership position again.

    As I said, a little knowledge goes a long way. I have set up the action…now, it’s up to you to come through on the reaction.

    With that Kevin, I am done with this discussion.

  15. Their Two side to every Story

    Ture That I was very hard on the stuff
    But No one quit as a result

    sale had drop almost 30% from the year before
    by the time a left it had STOP and started to claim agine Everyone had a part
    but also no one wanted to stand up and be the leader the the army of stuff. as a rusult no one new what too do.

    when i started barking orders everyone look at me as a assistant manager which i was. also everyone was good friend to the manger
    So it made be look like the bad guy and they would not do as i acked.

    But I was till a manger.

    their nothing wrong with the manger that their it just i could bark loader and meaner then him so in a way i out power him.

    thank you Alyson’s Wonderland for letting us use your web I also am done with this Discussion

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