Holy Just Ain’t For the Sabbath

I have a routine. On weekdays I pry my lump I call my body out of bed. The family congregates in the living room for some morning scripture study (we sit wiping sleep from our eyes while Mr. Wonderful reads for 2-5 min). The kids then get food provided by my husband and then hopefully get dressed while my fog is still lifting.

However a few days ago, my middle Tweedle couldn’t find a pair of pants to save his soul. Doubting him I decided to take a look, after all I had just completed 8 loads of laundry in the last two days, they gotta be somewhere. I could not find one pair aside from the pair he took of the night before prior to his bath. Those he could not wear because the boy had worn them for three days straight. They could stand up on their own.

Turns out I had separated them into the pile of “to be mended” that “pile” is now two storage bins full. They were created in my attempt to be more self-reliant, less wasteful, resourceful etc.

In the past, these pants had been sorted in to the “pile” but had always been pulled out because alas I had not time to fix them and the boys needed pants. Their school seems to have this pesky no pants no service policy with a side of social services. The holes weren’t that big so it wasn’t that bad.

Now the holes are big enough for a booted foot to fit through. In the summer I would have just cut them off and moved on but this was winter. That would not do.

Now I had a choice, I could pull out my machine and try to mend the grand canyon, wash the dirty ones, or go shopping. I did what any sensible mother would do. I took my unwashed self, loaded up my youngest Tweedles, and went to Wal-Mart, thus perpetuating the image of white trash for my sons were both in Pajamas. Not just any pajamas, but pajamas with holes in the crotch, for they never made it to the “pile” because the boys needed pajamas to wear to bed.

After trying on 12 pairs of pants at three different stores, and plenty of footage for “What Not To Wear” we found two that fit. On from Wally world and the other from The Children’s Place. Turns out not all adjustable waists are created equal.

“And what of the pile?”, you ask. Well sadly those pants still have to occasionally be thrown back in to rotation with out being fixed as I still havn’t a space for my machine and I can’t seem to get on top of the laundry. Thankfully distressed is in.


4 thoughts on “Holy Just Ain’t For the Sabbath

  1. I think I just read a page from my own`journal. Megan was down to 1 pair and Dallin has 3. I’m trying to be more frugal so we have been going to V.V. and good will almost every week until their wardrobes are refurbished.

  2. The Boy grows out of his clothes faster than I buy new ones. However, our problem is less with the long pants than the underwear. The Boy is somewhere between size 14 and 16, and I just noticed that most of his underwear is still in the size 8/10 range. Not to mention I let the laundry go so long he finally begged me to do something about it. Apparently, he’d been wearing the same pair of underwear for four days in a row. Yeah, TMI. (He has a bath every night, so it could have been worse.) Anyway, we went to Wal-Mart on the weekend to replenish the clothing supply too.

  3. Maybe you could try those iron on patches!
    My kid takes anything with the tiniest hole in it and rips it to shreds. What’s with that??

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