The primary party is a talent show. The kids were asked to fill out a sheet with the talent that they will be doing, showing, whatever. Tweedle D decided to play the piano, Tweedle E wrote down climbing. When he was asked by the Primary President about his particular talent he told her she needed to bring a ladder.

We had no clue about any of this until about 30 min. ago when the President called us trying to find out what he would do for his talent. Mr. Wonderful was laughing so hard when he told me he could barely get the words out. The really funny part is Tweedle E was serious.


5 thoughts on “Talented

  1. YES!!! Make sure you get a video of this. My favorite talent show was our first in Tempe when Aiden insisted he was going to jump really high. The ward loved it and even called for an encore. He knew his talents, and no one could tell him differently. GO E!!!

  2. Is climbing not a talent?

    (Yeah, I know. It’s not exactly typical of a “talent show” kind of talent. But it’s a talent nonetheless.)

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