What is my role?

I know what its like to be in charge, to be the parent. I know how to be loving, I know when they need discipline and sometimes how to give it.

In my calling I am not the parent. I am a leader. I am a support. I am to be there to guide, like a parent, but not. At times I feel frustration because of some lack of commitment, the inability to not follow through and decisions being made. In just about any other circumstance I would know what to do, but the situations are fragile. That makes it hard. Again I am not the disciplinarian. That is not my role.

I hear and watch. My heart breaks. I didn’t think it would. Especially this soon. I see consequences coming. Things that bring me sadness. I feel as if I should be doing something. Sometimes I am but I am a tree alone in the forrest where no one is there to hear. I’m not falling. I’m just rustling.

I want to do right by them. So I hope. I pray. I reach out. Maybe that is all I can do. I’ll be here just in case. I know I’m supposed to be here. So I will be.


2 thoughts on “What is my role?

  1. That’s so hard…such a fine line.
    I recently had a situation with my 15 yr old neice who was about to get herself into big trouble…so I talked her out of it, gave her the chance to come clean with her parents, and then ended up telling them myself. I’m glad I did in that she is unscathed, EXCEPT she no longer likes me! I am the least favorite person in her world.
    You’ll find the balance and do the right thing, keep the girls safe.

  2. Being in YW can be so hard as you watch these girls and are there to be their leaders and their friends. It can be so rewarding at times, and it can be so heartbreaking at times. I’m finding it harder now that I’m not their leader and they are no longer in the YW programs. There are many getting married and having babies of their own… and there are many that have gone through or are going through some major struggles that I just can’t fix. I just can’t make it better. And it’s no longer my calling to do so… but I still want to be there for them. They are still my girls.

    So I’m rambling now. Sorry. Your girls are very lucky to have you. You keep doing what you know you are supposed to do. You ARE there for a reason. Good luck!

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