New Beginnings part 2

So as luck would have it the water got shut off on our street and word is it will be a while till its restored. So we are livin’ it campin’ style. Needless to say I was a little distracted and I for got my camera so no pictures of our New Beginnings Pageant.

I had two roles. One was Miss Choice and Accountability and the other was accompanying the girls in the opening musical number. I was nervous about both, but more nervous about playing the piano. The last time I had accompanied anyone was at least 20 years ago, when I was in Young Womens. I also hadn’t made it through a rehearsal without making a mistake. Turns out I should have been more nervous for my presentation. Oh well, it seems I’m not cut out for the pageant circuit. My mom will be so disappointed.

At least the people who needed to be awesome were. The girls did wonderful and Sister Myers talk was so perfect. There is a reason why I am not the president. I’m a better foot soldier.

I really wish I had pictures so you could see our lovely contestants with their little crowns. I know some parents took pictures and video maybe I can convince some to you-tube it.

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