Does Anyone Else Have A Problem With This?

I am all for saving energy. Now that I am above ground, the windows are open and the lights are off. I make sure I run a full load when running the dishwasher or washing machine. I try to put a delay on the dishwasher to run at night when everyone else is sleeping thus putting less stress on the grid. I unplug appliances that I am not using as the suck “ghost power”.

I think its great that information is getting out there and we can do all our part. My problem is with this particular add.

What is David Suzuki doing in someone else’s house uninvited and stealing appliances?

My other problem is with their treatment of the average Canadian male. Does he really think that men are that stupid and only motivated by beer?

Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. Maybe this is Davids way of coming out that he is a ninja or a Jedi using his mind tricks.


One thought on “Does Anyone Else Have A Problem With This?

  1. In this case, I don’t think it’s a comment on the average Canadian male. I really think it’s just Bob. I mean, he’s carrying a sitar!

    But I hate the other commercial, where Suzuki is supposedly a naturalist out in the wild observing a “draft dodger” (which turns out to be a guy with lots of uncaulked windows). First of all, draft dodger has a specific meaning — when I first saw the commercial I thought he was stalking an American male who came to Canada in the 60s to avoid Viet Nam.

    And second of all, wouldn’t a draft dodger already have his windows caulked?

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