Baby boy 19 months

Running, running, running. His feet are running and his nose is running. When you try to fix the running (nose) he just runs faster. Lately he like the bubbles in the sink, cookies, Bo on the Go, and Super Why.

He has taken to helping me wash the dishes. As soon as the water starts running for the hand washables, you can hear the drag of a chair being pushed up to the sink. At first he plays with the bubbles. Then he dumps and fills. After that if there is nothing left to wash he empties the drain tray and begins again. So helpful that little guy is. now if i could just get him to make the beds or run a vacuum.

With the recent valentine celebrations at school, the boy has gotten more than his share of cookies. In fact for days he refused to eat anything but a cookie. It was just yesterday that he finally ate some cheese. He has gotten picky in his “old age” and I’ve turned in to more of a marshmallow. MMMMMmmmm marshmallows. I am trying to be better and give him more healthful choices. He didn’t get his cookie until he finished most of his dinner.

In the morning our routine go something like this. Mr. W’s alarm goes off. I get mad, then my alarm goes off. I roll over and pout. Mr. W gets up and turns on the light in the boys bedroom. They hopefully get ready while I lay in bed till 7:30. Then Mr. W goes to work and I’m left with lunches, back packs, clothes if their not dressed, dirty diaper and homework. I am constantly nagging urging them to be ready or we’ll be late. I kind of shoot myself in the foot as the thing that is distracting the older boys is Bo and the Go. It’s Tweedle 3’s favorite. He sings along and does the actions. It’s really cute. When we get home he watches Super Why and sings and dances. He pretty much gets what he wants if there is singing and dancing involved. At least he is working off those cookie calories.

My favorite thing that he does right now is give kisses. He leans in and gently peck you on the cheek. He doesn’t give everyone a kiss, nor does he do it all the time, but when he does I will drop anything I’m doing for a little sugar.


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