Hot Dogs and Chocolate Milk

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting different results, or so I’ve heard. If this were true then I’d be insane, or maybe just stupid. I don’t think I want to be either, but alas there is evidence to the contrary and in a court of law (if they had laws about this stuff) I would be guilty.

Let me give you some background. I am a mother of three boys. I was sick the whole pregnancy with each of them. The last day I puked was the day I gave birth. All three pregnancies that has been how they played out.

Before that even as a child, when I got sick, I was a puker. I remember one year I got sick every month fro the first quarter. I remember my mom staying up with me because I was puking every fifteen minutes. She said it was like timing contractions.

On top of all that I was also a sympathy puker. Didn’t matter if I wasn’t sick, if I saw someone else having an episode, I couldn’t help myself but join in.

Now back to the present. My older boys (my oldest being the worst) have inherited this lovely trait, poor fellas. Over the years we have cleaned cars, bunk beds, stuffed animals, walls carpets etc. So you would think that with all of this experience I would know that when I serve my youngest hot dogs and chocolate milk that his dinner would be coming back for an encore later.

This unhappy 😦 meal has followed me for almost 10 years. So I am telling you today that hot dogs and chocolate milk are banned. They are like a binary poison, each alone benign, but together deadly messy.

The saddest part is my little one was crying at around 2am and I was all “I’m not getting up you will have to learn to fall asleep yourself.” He did, but in his own essence. The one time I don’t get up this happens. I’m never going to sleep again.

At least I have learned one thing over the years… rinse before wash. The chunks don’t just disappear in the machine.

Bet you started out thinking I was going to say I was pregnant again. Hee hee.


6 thoughts on “Hot Dogs and Chocolate Milk

  1. I did! I thought it was some strange round about way to an announcement. However, I understand…I myself can deal with the puke (but oddly not so well with the poop). Big on the other hand can’t help but run as fast as he can the other way even when he knows he should be getting a towel or bucket or something…it is a weird instinct to RUN(!). I’ve had no choice but to deal with barfing episodes alone, he can’t handle it.


  2. Hot dog chunks are so gross. Why do kids love hot dogs?? WHY?
    You are the queen of Puke-ness, but I have to say my worst ‘episodes’ dealing with it, were when I was also pregnant, and the other two were sick. Vile.
    I wish there was a way to know (while you’re still in bed) when you can let your kids ‘work it out’ and when you really should get up. Is that asking too much?

  3. Oh, I believe it was just last week that my little one cried out at 5am, and I went in, patted his bottom, shhshhed him and went back to bed. Then when I got him at 7am, did not turn on the light, went downstairs and wondered, What is in your hair?….but still didn’t clue in until my 3 yr old went in the room and yelled, Mom, Bup spilled in his bed!
    SO….it’s a Mom thing. Desperately wanting sleep and missing the vomit. We’ve all been there…but hopefully not again.

  4. I just about had a heart attack. I was hoping you weren’t making an announcement, just talking about puke. Phew!! (Besides, I would have been highly offended if you didn’t call me before saying anything on your blog!!)

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