Great Cochrane Cookie Bake

At christmas time the plan was to make cookies for gifts. Unfortunately most of the gifts got eaten. So sorry if you didn’t get yours. I’m weak and so is my family. Mostly I’m weak.

Raw Ginger Softs

I made  Ginger softs. The recipe makes about 11 doz. so you can imagine how much more sorry I was to eat them than you were to not get them.

Ginger Softs

The other ladies had more time and variety.


Here is a picture of the chocolate crinkles before baking. My son calls them sugar covered doo doo. Sorry Jen. If it makes you feel better he called min doo doo too.

Sugar Covered Doo Doo

At Home the fest continued with Stained Glass cookies. It took some practice but I think I got them right. I also ate the rejects from this project.

Stained Glass Stars


The trick is to leaving them on the foil until they have cooled or the cany center is ruined.

Why am I sharing this? Well today the valentine version is being planned. we want to make something like this but realistically it will look more like a broken box.

stay tuned for the pics.

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