My New Project

I was inspired by some crafty people and decided that I would go and purchase some fabulous fabric. I went to the local quilt store because they have the best prints.

Due to the economic down turn I decided to cover my Ugly Cork Board instead of buy a new one. Repurposing is also better for the environment. So I got some what I thought was lovely London material as it would inspire my to travel someday. I didn’t notice the cats until later so I sort of fell out of love with it. Anyway it is still better than the Ugly Cork Board.

The only sewing that was involved was making button holes where the already attached hangers were. The rest was a staple gun. Quick and painless (if your careful) Thats my motto. I haven’t decided if i will hang it next to the computer or over by my soon to be sewing area.

2 thoughts on “My New Project

  1. I thought I left a comment already…maybe I imagined it, or whatever…
    I have similar fabric with cats in PARIS! Oh those traveling cats. And I thought it was cute for 2 seconds and then I thought it was just weird.
    But I applaud your use/re-use/recycling of your cork board. Fabulo!

  2. You did leave a comment specifically on the picture. Its funny though when i first saw the material with the big LONDON on it I said to myself I wish they had this in PARIS. Stupid cats ruin it for us all

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