Year in Review

For those of you who were wondering our Shepherds Christmas Eve went pretty well for 3 boys under 10 with one a toddler who had consumed some sugary substance (pop) and was enjoying his new eating freedom. We ate and casually talked of “the First Christmas Eve” while Tweedle three ran around us grabbing food from here and there. It lasted surprisingly about 45 min. That was much longer than I had anticipated.

And now for the Year in review:

January- Brought us the diagnosis of ADHD for our middle Tweedle. It was expected and yet hard to hear. That month I also had an opportunity to review Pampers Baby Dry because someone was reading my blog. It was nice to have free diapers and contrary to popular belief sometimes the brand-name is better than the cheapoos. Tweedle 3 still does better with Pampers although now I’m trying Huggies, they were on sale but don’t fit as well. I guess it depends on the baby.

February- There was an award night in cubs, an Eclipse, Jesse got a tooth and President Hinckley passed away.

March- Mr. wonderful and I “Celebrated” 10 years of marriage. An by celebrated I mean hauled the children to Swiss Chalet (gag) for there was no babysitter.

April-Had us packing to move and moving the Bosses daughter. We got to buy new furniture and it is already dirty (thanks kids) We never ended up the the bed frame because we got Tim a chair and I couldn’t find one I loved. I still looking though.

Easter was a blast and we had lovely weather.

May-We MOVED! The internet was down and we camped in awesome weather.

June-Internet still down and Tweedle E’s year culminated in me writing an unpleasant letter to the school board and principle. I contemplated home schooling and decided if things didn’t shape up by September 28th I’d pull them out of school the following year.

Tweedle 3 and I also celebrated birthdays. Him his first and I my 35th. Man am I getting up there.

July- A mediocre Canada Day Celebration, Tweedle D’s Birthday and my Doctor agreeing with me that I need to lose some weight. That hasn’t been going too well but I am moving more. I think I just need to have that food journal.

The boys also had Soccer Camp for a week. They loved it and I thought that I would do it again but since they didn’t process the payment until October, I’m a little mad at the Royal City Soccer.

August- Things were still quite busy. We went camping a the Great Canadian Barn Dance, Lee Creek, and East End Saskatchewan. My boys tried to two step, we played in the water and dug for Dinosaur bones (simulated dig with fake fossils). After 8 days of camping I wanted my bed.

This month we also celebrated Tweedle E’s 7th birthday and made Salsa.

Tweedle E also had an assessment done by an occupational therapist who discovered a fine motor impairment. The coping “skills” he uses to get around using a pencil for what it supposed to be used for can present like ADHD. This had brought the January diagnosis into question. I feel that the decision not to medicate is the right one for now.

September- School, school, school. Things seeemed to have improved and Tweedle E has a great teacher so he is still in the public system. He is doing fantastic!!!!!

October- I began running. I started out wanting to run 2-3 times a week but the only time I have is saturday. I’m selfish and I don’t want to take Tweedle 3 with me.
O and Halloween of course

November- Still running and doing pretty good, at least I think so. I can run 6k with out stopping and 8 with a little walk.

December- So so busy. My calling changed and now I am the 1st councilor in the young women program.

I got most of my christmas shopping done early and baking as well but I still found find myself tired and exhausted. That could be because Tweedle 3 hasn’t slept well since I can’t remember when.

Now 2008 is over and we begin a new year. Here is hoping that 2009 finds us all employed, still in our homes, with some savings, happy, healthy and slightly smaller (widthwise).


4 thoughts on “Year in Review

  1. Wow, you have had quite a year!

    The thing to which I can most relate, is the being so tired because the little one doesn’t sleep thing. Only recently has my little guy started to sleep through the night. I’m not still totally acclimated, but I am starting to feel a little more … coherent … alert … something. Hang in there, you can do it!

    I am also very glad that Tweedle E is doing well in school this year, that is such a blessing. I hope you guys can find the answers and solutions (long-term) that you seek.

    And a 45 minute-long shepherd’s eve dinner? good for you, girl!

  2. Sounds like a great year, full of ups and downs like most years, but overall quite positive. Good for you on the running. Keep it up! Trust me, getting your weight down is a lot easier with exercise than without it.

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