Shepherds Christmas Eve

I imagine that the shepherds had a quiet evening (except for the angel and subsequent search for the baby Jesus). For food I think they may have had some crusty grained bread with a little cheese. Maybe they had some fruit and some preserved meat. In the absence of a thermos I don’t think there was soup, but maybe there house was near by so who knows.

I imagine that they ate upon the ground, on a hill, overlooking their flock. Maybe they ate in shifts while some walked amongst their sheep.

I imagine that the evening was cool, their clothes were warm. I think there was very little light. I also think they were good people, for I doubt that God would proclaim, through his angels, the birth of his son to bad people.

I think most of us can relate to the shepherds for they were the working class. Most of us are good people trying to do a good job. We are not like the Kings traveling from afar to find the baby. Most of us are plugging away in our own “country” doing the best we can. Perhaps on a quiet night we are blessed with things of the spirit.

This Christmas Eve I will try to start a new tradition. By tree light, for candles are too dangerous, we will eat a simple dinner of bread and cheese, fruit, and some meat. We sit on a blanket on the floor and discuss the Savior. Hopefully with fingers crossed we will have a silent night.


7 thoughts on “Shepherds Christmas Eve

  1. Hey Girl… You have three boys! Silent is not a word that you will be able to use in your house for at least 17 years…. Maybe more depending on how long it takes Tweedle 3 to move out… 🙂

    Unless of course you are willing to drug your children…


  2. Hey! We have been having a “Joseph and Mary” Dinner since we were married. We eat pita bread, cheese, and dried fruits. Emily grew up with that tradition so we decided to keep it going.

  3. I love your year in review! Thanks for sharing.
    I haven’t made it public on our blog yet because our family isn’t aware but W (3yrs) has been recently diganosed with severe ADHD. We are trying desperately to get help, tested for TSC which the babe has & ADHD can be a symptom of and I REFUSE to even consider any meds. In fact, my favorite husband and W are off to the naturopath for his second visit today. It’s hard and heartbreaking and such a learning curve. I love to hear that your son is doing so well in school and that the OT is helping. Sharing your son’s situation & your feelings around all of the ADHD stuff really means alot to me. Thanks Alyson.

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