The Young and The Restless

Well my break, if you can call it that, is over. I am no longer the service sheet co-ordinator. I am the First councilor in the Young Women Presidency.

I still don’t know how I feel about this but something tells me I had better figure that out soon and it had better be positive. They will figure it out pretty quick either way and who wants a leader that doesn’t like where she is at.

My medium feelings have nothing to do with the girls. They’re my own personal hang-ups I’m trying to work through.

I am looking forward to remembering what it was like to be 12-18. Oh the EMOTIONS and DRAMA, but oh the PASSION. I knew everything then, and the stuff I loved, I really loved! I hope I can help give direction to that passion. I hope I do a good job. I hope they like me. Ahh there are those feelings again.


One thought on “The Young and The Restless

  1. YW can be a really rewarding calling, but in my experience it can also be very draining. I think you’ll be great, and the fact that you’re worried that they might not like you is a good sign. In fact, that very attribute may help you reach some girls that would otherwise be missed. (just a thought)

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