Baby Boy 18 months

Oh how the time flies. Life has been so busy in Wonderland and now that school is out for a break, and I have a day or two before it really gets crazy, Its time to document Tweedle 3’s happenin’ self.

Things that I am loving:

I love how you run in boots and how you do somersaults. I love how you try to sign things. Just the other day you asked me for a drink. I love your laugh. I love that you like me to read (all day). I love your love of baths, stuffies (stuffed animals) and puppies. I like how you rock out to all music, including hymns but especially rapp. I love how you clap at the end of all music. I love how the whole school knows you and you greet your people. I love hoe you know where your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly, toes feet, and bum are, but when you are signing the individual words of “I love you” you start with your ears. I love how you fold your arms to pray and look very serious. I love how every time I am crouching to talk to you or pick something up you quickly run to my back and put your cold little hand on my skin, then laugh your head off. I love how you hold my finger when we go for a walk. I especially love how you say “Wow” every time I turn on the lights on the christmas tree.

I think my favorite is when you are just so tired and come to me with a blanket to snuggle.

Things I’m not Loving so much:

You have become a little picky in the food department. I know its normal but its a little frustrating. I’m not loving how you are miserable because you are still teething. I also don’t like waking up 2-5 times a night. You are definitely exerting your independence, which I am o.k. with, its just the tantrums I can do without.

As you can see the good definitely outweighs the bad. I am still having so much fun.

Words you are saying: Mom, Dad, up, all done, puppy, hi, bye and ball.
Words you are almost saying: Doda, Acoco (Dakota); Eeeoooh, Eeshin (Ethan); jesh (Yes); uh uh (thank you)
Words you sign: Book, please, all done, drink, bye, thank you, more, no.

Favorite toys: Stuffed animals, cars, balls, books, my cell phone and brothers.


2 thoughts on “Baby Boy 18 months

  1. I can not believe how BIG your boys are getting… Makes me sad really being on the other side of the planet… Tweedle E is getting so big… so grown up. Wow!

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