Some Things That Rock

I thought I would follow up my pessimistic post with a more positive one. so here they are in no particular order…Some things that rock.

1. My Jeans although tight feel less tight than they did the last time I washed them and put them on. Notice that I said wash, because that is the key to awesomeness. Jeans , especially now days, are built with stretch for our ever-widening butts. Consequently said jeans will have a natural give and relaxation with multiple wearings, until you wash them, and they shrink or reset or whatever.

2. My New Hair cut. Thanks Trina.

3. Helping a lady at Zellers Chinook find Hulk Transformer toy. When I helped her there were only two left. After she had hers there was one. Good luck people. Now can you help me find any Bakugan Battle Brawlers , not the figurines.

4. Sleep and peace and quiet. It hasn’t happened yet but that would really rock

5. Kid


3 thoughts on “Some Things That Rock

  1. Hey Al,
    Let’s get together next week and I will show you my IPOD, it has nothing but running music on it. I filled it with music for my 10K run last April and I love it. It’s got lots of classics “Whoop there it is” and “Grease megamix” to “Rhianna” she’s got great running tunes. The nike stuff is OK but I need words in my ear or I get bored. So lets hook up. Perhaps we could ditch the babies and have a chritmas lunch together say Olive Garden or somewhere closer for Jen if she would like to join us.

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