On Nov. 18th I am hosting my first Yak and Snack. Unlike most yak and snacks this is not a “book Club” although books can be discussed. This yak and snack is a get together to talk. To urge the participants to talk usually there is a theme. I have to come up with one. My only question is do I keep it light? Do I try to stretch our mental capacities on politics, food, religion, or the politics of religious food? Got any ideas?


5 thoughts on “Themes

  1. Do the participants usually stay on topic? How about discussing the value of participating in “holidays” in our society…eeekkk…I couldn’t think of anything better.


  2. I’d stay away from politics. Mainly because I’m sick of politics, personally. 🙂 But unless you get enough people of differing views, or at least a couple of people willing to play devil’s advocate, i don’t see it being much of an interesting subject when everyone agrees and has nothing to contribute (not saying to instigate arguments… but a good, healthy, political discussion can be fun). Good luck!!! 😀

  3. I guess it might depend on how well everyone knows each other. I think a good way to find out more about people is to discuss “what would be your dream [thing]” (where [thing] would be something like “vacation” or “house” or whatever). Or “If you had $100,000 how would you spend it?”

  4. How about “food eaten by religious politicians”. You might need to split this into two nights with the amount of content out there.

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