Thank you for all of your thoughts of encouragement. I was feeling low and overwhelmed at that very moment. I am still struggling with my priorities and I don’t quite know how to balance them. Right now I go by what is “due” first. This method isn’t really working for me as my soul, or whatever you want to call that part of me that makes me me, is starving for some attention. Like all mothers I tend to put other’s first and that is good to a point, but I have neglected that “me” and now I think she is sad or feels like she has been forgotten. I don’t know If I am making sense.

As for the blog I will still be here but my guilt there rests solely on the fact that I haven’t been updating it and I have people far, far, away (namely family) who miss the pictures and updates. Plus Tweedle 3 has been doing a lot of stuff and I haven’t been recording. I don’t want to forget. I don’t want to forget that on Thanksgiving day he started doing summersaults. This leads to guilt and guilt makes me sad.


I am doing better than I was the other day, I’m just plugging away and trying not to miss the things that are happening around me. I will try to do better on the update front but until then know I am thinking of you guys.


4 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Sometimes I’d rather eat glass than empty the dishwasher one more time. It’s the constant repetition that gets me. I call it the Groundhog Day phenomenon. Only it was funnier with Bill Murray.
    Find some time for yourself or do something just for fun. And enjoy.
    Our families need us to be happy too.

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