I’m going through one of those fall evaluations where I decided if I even want to blog right now. If I do is this how I want others to see me? Is this the direction I want to go in? I have hit a bit of a plateau in my life. Not really a crisis of faith but a day to day list that doesn’t allow for much other than cleaning, homework reading to my 1 year old and piano and I am finding it hard to keep up with that. I do however get my running in on saturday. Last Saturday I ran 6.3 K . Yay me but I digress. I know there would still be time to do the stuff I am doing, and my other stuff if I would just put my other stuff first, but its really hard for me to sit down and read the scriptures when my dirty kitchen full of dirty dishes is screaming at me and my MIL is coming to stay with us tomorrow night.  You think it would be better now that I have a working dishwasher, but nope someone still has to unload it and that my friends is where the bottle neck happens.

Well I gotta go now my sons are in need of a referee and my CH isn’t home yet. Plus I haven’t started dinner yet either. Who doesn’t want to be me really?


4 thoughts on “Re-evaluation

  1. Well, I’d give you advice on how to fix everything but I can’t because my life is pretty much a disorganized lack of priorities where only the stuff that desperately needs to get done ever gets done reliably (“reliably” is actually being kind). I shouldn’t really comment on faith, but I don’t think God will abandon you because you don’t read scripture. Some people place as much stock in how others see them as how God sees them. But humans are more limited in what they can see. (Like God can see a seed growing underground, where humans just see dirt. I don’t know if that makes sense or not.) Anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much about what others think, because they are only human and have their own failings too. This will either make them compassionate, or if they are not then a lack of compassion is one of their failings.

  2. It’s hard isn’t it? This juggling act of motherhood? One of my greatest lessons that I’m still working on, is learning to let some things go and change my priorities. It’s not easy. Like accepting that the walls will have handprints and the house won’t be clean & tidy if I want to spend quality time with the kids during the day or sleep at a decent time at night. It’s setting up a schedule & routine…I find that hard to follow…and it’s hard to do the same thing over and over and over again …..feeling like there’s no accomplishment there…..BUT….I just keep telling myself that my kids are only young once and all those other mom’s who seem to have it perfect & together? Well, something has to give and what is the cost of that? Lack of sleep, no patience, kids begging to be played with, sanity?
    Good for you for running! That’s fabulous! What conviction! And it is! Be proud!
    Now, I gotta run, cause my 1yr old is sitting in the middle of the kitchen table…not great for a child who has seizures!!:)

  3. Don’t leave the blog world! You are part of my support network….hence the s.o.s call last night…we relate to eachother us mom’s… besides that wicked dry sense of humor of yours should be shared!

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