Stuck in the Middle Baby Boy 7 years

Back in August Tweedle E turned 7 and as with everything I am late to getting it posted. 

His 7th year was a tumultuous one with the highs of being a big brother and the lows of being in school. Maybe I am projecting my feelings about his school year too much but the transition from kindergarten to grade one was hard. Lets just leave it at that as he is haveing a great start to second grade.

Tweedle E loves being a big brother, mostly when it suits him, but loves Tweedle 3 non the less. He likes showing him off to friends, likes to be the one to care for him (if it only takes a few minutes), and likes to be the one to help when Tweedle 3 cries. more often than not the crying is a result of some love Tweedle E was trying to give and although it is frustrating for Tweedle 3 and myself, I know it comes from a good heart full of too much love to be contained.

Tweedle 3 has shown an interest in sports and was quite riveted during the Olympics. I think Michael Phelps was one of his heros. He went to soccer camp this summer and was told he was a great defender.

For his birthday we had some family come over and we made pizza one of his favorite meals. He got a sword, a camera, nerf guns and a pillow case. He really worked to get the presents he wanted. When family asked me what he was into I told them starwars stuff or wii stuff but he went around and made sure he got his gun and sword. I’m not against them its just i didn’t know he wanted them.

***** warning might be too much information*******

He also had a check up at the doctors that day so he got a blood test, urine test and a Jelly finger poor boy. I told him to tell his dad (with his finger pointed) that he is one up on him. The joke of course was lost on the poor 7 year old, but I think I made my point. Hahah Get it.

****** begin reading again***************

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