The bug update

8:00 am– Meet with doctor
8:30 am– She thinks I should have the test to know if I should worry about my kids (and by worry I mean watch them for sickness).
9:00 am– Have 4 ginormous vials of blood taken (2 from each arm) for blood culture. Good thing needles don’t make me queazy.
9:30 am– resume normal life.


2 thoughts on “The bug update

  1. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I would be freakin’ mad too. I wasn’t paying much attention to the whole thing but I heard more about Listeria on the news today.
    My kids were awefully sick at the beginning of Aug so I don’t think it’s related at all, but this kind of thing is dangerous. One more thing to add to all the other stresses of taking care of our families.
    Hope you are all healthy and safe.

    p.s. my doctor is on maternity leave with no one to take her place. welcome to Calgary people.

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