Exposed and Mad

Last night I was watching a news report on the Listeria outbreak. It was the first time since the recalls on maple leaf read to eat meats were made that I had a chance to watch a whole story. I had been naively thinking that if I didn’t buy maple leaf products I would be ok. 

Rewind to 3 weeks ago. Three weeks ago we came home from camping. I decided that we had had enough junk food and that we (me and the boys) should be eating less fast food (burgers and nuggets). Camping can do a number on your system and we were gone for 8 days so our systems needed home cooked meals. Top that off with Tim deciding that taking a lunch was better and he couldn’t have anything that needed to be heated up. So Sandwiches it is. I hadn’t bought lunch meat in months but we are a bit carnivorous so I said what the hey.

Being the responsible mom that I was as soon as I heard maple leaf products were on a recall I read labels and made sure I wasn’t exposing my family to the danger. To my surprise Maple leaf has a corner on the market in the ready to eat meats department. Turns out for the last 3 weeks I have been giving my family their daily dose of Listeria. My fridge contained the recalled meat purchased this past friday at the Safeway on the corner of Elbow and 5th street south west. Turns out the retailer can, at their own discretion, CHOOSE to pull the substandard product. Thats right folks they aren’t required to remove it, they have a choice.

I admit I should have looked at the list sooner. Maybe I should have been feeding my kids and husband peanut butter instead and shame on me for relying on someone else to do the checking for me. Yes we can all agree that I wasn’t on top of it. I am a mom of 3 kids who manages apartments and was busy making appoints to have my son assessed and coordinating family reunions and food storage preparation for this weekend (salsa). Plus under the pediatritions request I have been trying to reduce the amount of screen time (TV, Wii, computer) to 1-2 hours a day. So your right Safeway managers I should have been on top of things, but what gets me is you are working 8 hours+/day to manage a store. I’m sure you received a list from your head office that stated what the recalls were and you couldn’t even post it next to the 3ft x 6ft section or removed the meats all together. Nope business as usual when peoples lives are on the line. (20 -50% death rate right now depending on how you look at it)

Now I have to make another appointment in my already busy schedule to rule out Food poisoning with my doctor for I have been experiencing flu symptoms since Sunday. I’m also going to lose sleep for the next 90 days as that is the outer limit in the incubation period and my kids aren’t showing symptoms yet. Not to mention that the longer it incubates the worse it will be. In the past I haven’t been an abuser of antibiotics, but I would just like everyone in my family to get some just in case.


2 thoughts on “Exposed and Mad

  1. I didn’t realize that retailers had a choice in the matter. That sucks! Of course, when I went to purchase sandwich meat in my grocery store the other day I had a different problem. There was hardly any to choose from, and what was there was the really overprocessed stuff that I wouldn’t buy anyway.

    But about the worry with your family. I understand you need to have it checked out, but it sounds like you are really stressed about it, and that can’t be helping anything. (You don’t want to pass your stress along to your family. Stress affects the immune system.) Take a deep breath, and take it in stride. Do what you can.

    I know this is no consolation, but it’s not your fault this happened. It’s Maple Leaf for their poor quality control, and Safeway for their poor decision-making. Don’t blame yourself that risky meat was on store shelves for you to buy. It’s Safeway’s fault (since Maple Leaf did what they could by issuing the recall).

  2. OMG! I’m like you. I had no idea that it wasn’t just ML products or that the retailer has a choice. There should be no CHOICE! That is just unethical and shameful. As consumers & parents, we shouldn’t have to research basic food choices from a well known grocer. Don’t we live in an industrialized, successful nation?
    There is now “shame on you”. You were doing what you thought was best for your family, what the rest of us do too on any given day. You were acting responsibly.
    Now, take care of you, your children, talk to your Drs and sleep peacefully knowing you are doing the best you can to take care of your family.
    Hang in there!

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