9 years

I’m not old enough to have a nine year old and yet I do. I’m ok with being married for a decade but when you factor the age of my first born I feel so much older. Tweedle D has gotten so big and mature I really rely on him a lot. Maybe more than I  should. I also expect a lot from him. Again maybe more than I ought too. He helps me with the other boys and takes on more than his share of responsibility, but I cannot go to the mens room and Tweedle E cannot go to the ladies room.

Along with this responsibility has come a increased desire for independence. I think its the odd number thing. At age 1 your baby wants to eat by himself, at age 3 they want to control their surroundings (toys, clothes etc.) at age 5 they think they can go off a little by themselves because they go to school and a little sass comes in. Age 7 was pretty ok but I was pregnant through it and missed a lot so I could be wrong. Age 9, well age 9 is a great quest for independence with a side of a little sass. I love my boy I really do and I’m not trying to complain, I’m just laying it out. When He see something as unfair (unequal) sometimes it can hit the fan. Those of you who know Tweedle D are probably thinking “that doesn’t sound like him.” and you are right. Truthfully he is only like this about 3% of the time (once a month). Hmmmmm. 

As for things he likes Tweedle D favorites are:

Food: Rice

Colour: Red

Sport: Soccer

Music: Hot Cross Buns

Song: I had a Little Chicken (see Chicken Abuse)

Present: A surprise phone call from his best friend overseas. Thanks Schacks. I was crying in the kitchen when that happened.

Speaking of Presents Tweedle D got a soccer ball, a nerf frisbee football, a CTR pillow case, $20, and his second favorite soccer cleats. Here are some pictures from the day and just so you know the cupcakes had candle that burned the same colour as their wax. The pictures just doesn’t do it justice.


3 thoughts on “9 years

  1. They grow up so fast, don’t they?! I’ll bet those candles are something else! You can see it a little bit in the photo.

  2. Those are some stinkin’ cool candles. AND… the older D gets, the older I feel because M and came to see you in the hospital when D was born. That was one of our first dates!

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