10, 11, 12, and 13 months

This is what happens when I move and my computer isn’t hooked up for a long time. I fall behind and on things that are very important, like documenting my babies first year. So lets see where we left off.

Dear Tweedle 3:

At 9 months you still only had too teeth and you were trying to crawl unsuccessfully. Occasionally you would say the word up and you like patty cake. Lets just say that you are sooo over that now.

Yesterday you turned 13 months and… well you bum scoot. You decided crawling wasn’t for you. you now have 7 teeth (3 of which came in 2 weeks ago, oh the trauma) You stand around furniture and have started climbing the stairs. You have fallen down the stairs twice so last saturday we got a baby gate. You scream for mom and dad and you wave bye, bye while saying bye, bye. You are attracted to plug outlets and by some miracle you have not been shocked yet. You don’t like eating anymore unless it is blueberries. bananas, apples, nectarines or apricots. Oh yah Strawberries too their your favorite. If you don’t like what you are being fed you promptly throw it on the floor. By the way you get pretty good distance. You may however be found snacking on it, the food on the floor, not even five minutes later when you have scooted back in to the kitchen. Seriously son why is floor food so much better?

There have been somethings that have come and gone since I last posted so I will state these now as i don’t want to forget them. You used to shake your head no when I said no. You used to shake (and by shake I mean nod like you were a head banger) your head yes when I said yes. When I would say awwwwww you would tilt your head to the side. Something else you used to do was fake sneeze. When ever someone else sneezed or when you wanted some attention you would say “choo” while nodding your head. 

Just in case you think I forgot to document your birthday here are some pictures. 

Also know that I am excited for all that you are learning and yet sad for all the changes that you are going through for you are no longer considered a baby (you’re still my baby) but a toddler.


3 thoughts on “10, 11, 12, and 13 months

  1. Damn! What a cute little guy! I am sad that we are not there to see him on a regular basis! Tweedle 3 is sure a cute kid!

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