“Doctor, Doctor I’m on a diet…

…and I’m quite irritable. Yesterday I bit someones ear off.”

“Oh Dear, that is a lot of calories.”

*Groan* Yesterday Tweedle 3 and I had our annual checkups. He is wonderful laid back and at the 25th percentile for growth. Sounds about right.

I however seem to have shrunk. I’m only 5′ 4 and 1/4 ” when I thought I was 5’4 and 3/4″. When I found out I was 5’4 and 3/4″ I had thought I was 5’5″ so this is a devastating blow to my self esteem. Maybe its because I don’t listen very well. I am also 32 lbs heavier than when I had Tweedle 3. I guess that would explain my poor body image. 

I have been prescribed a food journal and at least 10 minutes a day of intense exercise during tweedle 3’s naps. She doesn’t want me to loose weight too fast as I am still nursing Tweedle 3.

My older boys are excited because they think this means they can come upstairs and play on the computer. I however think they will have to go outside and play soccer. 

Gotta go Tweedle 3 is crying. Ands so it begins.


2 thoughts on ““Doctor, Doctor I’m on a diet…

  1. Yes, it seems that I also have shrunk a bit in height. I think it just moved to my middle…’repositioned’. Not fair!
    I’m pretty sure I can blame that on the kids too, like my ever increasing grey hair.

  2. This motherhood business is hard on our vanity….at least I once did not have a bottom two axe handles wide (quote from Grouchy Grandma)! I too have the struggle, Heres hoping we are all successful!

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