What I am doing now. Eh?

Presently, I am trying to avoid the yogurt mess that is being created downstairs in my kitchen. Tweedle 3 doesn’t seem to want my help anymore. Don’t worry there is a parent snapping pictures of his progress.

Speaking of pictures I have like two hundred I need to upload. They include pictures of my place, may long weekend camping, and Tweedle 3’s first birthday. Spending a month or so off the internet really gets one behind in their blogging duties. Sorry dudes.

Today we celebrated Canada Day by taking in the the city’s party at Prince’s Island. Besides a soccer game my eldest played in there wasn’t much the boys were interested in. I think we were not what they had in mind when they planned it. Lots of bands and information booths, just the kinds of things two energetic boys wanna do. NOT. Anyway they didn’t complain much except when we went past the place where they were giving out sun chips and sparkling dole earlier only to find out they were gone.

After the mediocre experience with calgary we decided to split and get some Ice cream. Then I came home to a nap with my littlest one while the guys played wii. Now I am awake and they are still playing the wii

Well gotta go, Tim just cleaned Tweedle 3 so I guess its safe for me to come down. I didn’t plan it that way but I think the timing is nice. 🙂

By the way what did you do for your country’s birthday?

3 thoughts on “What I am doing now. Eh?

  1. We visited the parade. We didn’t watch the actual parade, but we walked all around the staging area taking photos. I now have a new album on Facebook, a new set on Flickr, and lots of photo fodder for Shutterchance. Canada Day is all about the photo ops for us, it seems.

  2. I worked all morning, shopped all afternoon and worked all night. No stat holidays for the self employed. Happy Birthday Canada hope your happy.

    Miss ya Al, can’t wait for thursday.

  3. I wished I was there. I got a few phone calls from people down here that know I’m Canadian and wished me a Happy Canada Day. I miss home.

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