Eventually all things come to an end

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Tomorrow summer begins or does it really? I hate to sound like a pessimist but it feels like summer is half over. With the everything being late and all the rain in June my garden is so behind. In April and may I was longing for days before my children were in school. Now that was summer but its almost July and its almost over and I’m sad. What is a matter with me?

This friday is Tweedle 3’s 1st birthday. I’m sad to see him get so big so fast and yet I am excited for all he is learning. Sometimes I wish the baby stage was a little longer. I think I feel that way because I know (baring some freaky, twisted turn of events) this is my last one. He is such a good little boy. Children really do grow up too fast. 

There is so much I want to do with them but time is running out and I feel like all I do is play catch up. I am happy school is over for another year. I am happy to have them home. I wish that this part was longer and school was not. Am I alone in this? 

Well summer isn’t over yet so now I will go and make of it the best I can.

P.S. what do you get for a little ones first birthday. It has been so long I can hardly remember what to do.




4 thoughts on “Eventually all things come to an end

  1. I think it’s pretty much de rigueur to feed the one year old some cake and take pictures of it smeared all over the baby’s face. That’s all I can think of. It’s been way longer for me than it has been for you though, so I might not be the best reference.

  2. Seems like summer is almost over. Well, in some ways. Mostly because we are already about half way through our summer break (thanks to getting out of school in May and starting school at the beginning of August!), but in other ways it feels like we have forever, thanks to this insane heat and having to stay cooped up inside so we can function in the air conditioning.

    Oh, and for a first birthday… cake (cupcakes work really well!!), and wrapping paper. that’s all ya need!! 🙂 For Parker’s first, we got him these awesome cars (I think they are Tonka) that are brightly colored and have actual faces and are almost cartoonish looking. They are plastic (in a not hard plastic way), inexpensive (find them at Wal mart or Target), and don’t have any lights or sounds, and all three of my boys love playing with them. So, I’m sure Tweedle 3 would love something like that. That’s what we’d get him if we were up there and could come celebrate.

  3. Happy Birthday Tweedle 3!

    I get the ‘mid summer’ blues too. We wait so long for it to get here, and then it feels like every day in June and July is a step closer to winter.

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