A Trip Round The Writers Block

I’m back, kind of. It has taken one month and eight days to get connected again. Two weeks of that was fighting with Rogers. I hate Rogers, but I hate Telus more, or do I? I think I just hate phone companies, but a phone is a necessary evil and so I’ll have to deal. How else are you going to get pizza delived? It is kind of pointless to drive to (insert pizza place here) order and then ask for them to deliver it. Anyway I’m back and other than keeping in contact I must admit that I didn’t miss the internet all that much. My house is cleaner and I play with my kids more.

Well I am back and had all these things I wanted to say, but now I don’t think I can. You know the mood passes and so does my ability to write about it. Seriously do you really want to hear about how horrible moving is when you are the property manager? Or how about Tweedle 3’s number 2s. Yah I didn’t think ya did, so until Stella Ally can get her groove back, you may just have to pray for something so uncommonly funny to happen to me so I can tell you all about it.


5 thoughts on “A Trip Round The Writers Block

  1. Glad to see you back. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I missed your unique take on life while you were away.

  2. I missed you, too.
    But I totally understand how time away can make you realize how good time away is. Playing with your children and keeping house IS more important than the internet. (but we sure like it when you goof off on the computer — hey, everyone needs a little “me” time.)

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