Fuel or Shopping Spree?

Anyone in the mood for an escape? Yah me too. This was so cleverly stolen from Tilane’s SPT. I however do not have a picture of my last bill for gasoline, but I assure you it was over $50.00 and that wasn’t even for a full tank. I rarely let it go below half a tank these days.

Today I woke to the announcement of $1.30/ liter. For all you Yankees out there, that works out to roughly $4.92 /gallon (and I live in the province who tends to have the cheapest gas.)

No for the rules: find your last receipt from the gas station (or if you are filling up over the weekend, make note of what you spend.) how’d you do? $35.00? $70.00? $100.00+?? what if you could take THAT amount and spend it on something for you?? to make it a little more challenging, let’s just say that you can only buy ONE item, and the cost of that ONE item must be within $5.00 of what you spent at the pump. Sounds like fun eh?

So picture if you will a long rectangular shaped piece of paper consisting of the calculations necessary to charge me $77.49 to fill my tank. (This is where I would put my first picture.)

So what to virtually spend it on? Like Tilane my first thought was clothing, but I too am sick of shopping for clothes. The escapade usually involves at least one child, a stroller, bad body image, negative self talk, and guilt. I might consider it if I had lost 10 lbs, and was able to do it without any children and unlimited time, but since that is not going to happen for what 20 more years, lets move on.

I could get something for the house, but since I haven’t moved yet, I don’t know what I would want and/ or need. That doesn’t make a good picture.

I must admit apart of my nerdy self says put it in an investment, but how satisfying would that be? I can hear you all now, “Way to live on the edge Alyson, you can’t even spend virtual money.” So no I wouldn’t spend my gas money on an RSP or something like unto it.

So what to do? Drum Roll Please. Drummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I finally decided to buy the bike attachment to my chariot.
Sustainable Mode of Transportation
Isn’t it pretty?
The price for the attachment was 69.98 + GST last year for a total of $74.18. That puts me within the $5.00 range with enough for a low calorie snack. Who am I kidding I would get a large dark chocolate and nut candy bar, but thats o.k. I’m biking everywhere, right?

Now its your turn. What would you spend the money on?


4 thoughts on “Fuel or Shopping Spree?

  1. I’m not kidding, I would plunk that money on to the credit cards without a second thought.

    But if Paul knew we had the money he would encourage me to spend it. He would remind me that I desperately need glasses, but as glasses would cost more than that I think I’d get my first new pair of flip flops in 6 or 7 years. oops, not enough money. This is hard! Can’t I just put it on the credit card?

    Okay, I’ve got it. Material to recover the couch.

    (I am such a geek. …slinks away…)

  2. You will have to tell me how you like the bike attachement(!)….I have a Chariot also that I bought used and man do I love it. It didn’t come with the bike attachment jsut the jogger. I love it so much I wish I could bring it with me on the plane for my trip home. I am planning on investing in a double (used) come the fall.

    On another note, I have no receipts but gas is almost $1.00 a litre here now. It goes up every weekend sonce the last 4 months. We’ll be on par with you I figure by October. CRAZY! Soon, we’ll all be biking everywhere…then gas will come back down. Hehe.


  3. Your comment on my blog was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

    My next chariot attachment would be the cross country skis & harness (we already have the jogger, bike, and stroller attachments). We’ve talked up our chariot so much down here a few of my friends have now bought them (and they love them of course).

  4. $1.30 a litre gas would be totally awesome! You have NO idea how cheap that is compared to the rest of the world. Europe and just about everywhere else is at least $2.00… Here is $1.96 today…

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