Food Storage Over a Year

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we have been counseled to have a years supply of food and stuff for times of need. The church has put out one month kits that will feed one person for a month and we have 4 of those but I have to say its kind of blah and I believe it is important to add things you will eat.

I found a schedule as I was de-junking and have always thought it useful, but I need to get rid of paper So over the next while I will be posting on a new page the schedule for purchasing items to add to your storage. I’m doing this mostly for me. Its so I will have it in one spot, but if you would like you can use the info for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Food Storage Over a Year

  1. Without getting into it too much (as I am not a member of your church) I’m just curious as to why. Is it something to do with LDS doctrine, or just advice on wise planning for unexpected emergencies such as a job loss or natural disaster?

  2. Getting food storage together is a smart thing to do. We have almost none right now. We definitely need to start adding to our current stockpile

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