Its only up from here. (9 months)

Well a lot has happened this month and although he still only has two teeth, my little monkey can chomp down pancakes, Cheerios, crackers, French fries, cheese and anything else he can get his little hands on (like plastic). He prefers things that are dry as touching wet squishy stuff, like carrots and bananas, is gross. He will however eat them in muffins or bread. He no longer wants me to feed him, unless he is really hungry, so sadly we are approaching the messy portion of life where one is covered head to toe in mashed up whatever. Maybe if I look at it as an exercise in expressive art I will be able to tolerate it a bit more but I doubt it.

Not Sure


I the areas of communication we are progressing with the signs, very little but progressing nonetheless. He now shouts for mom and Dad and says yea, while clapping, and hi while waving. Those however are in mimic of what I am saying, but on the second of April Mr. Tweedle 3 pointed his finger and said “up” multiple times. What a smarty. So I am going to count that as his first word.


In the area of movement he is rolling over more, but then gets mad that he is on his belly. At first he will spin himself around to look at things, then in frustration he will push with his legs causing his face to dig into the carpet whilst his bum is up in the air. I call this modified downward dog. Lest you think that I just sit there and watch him go through this. I’m usually on the floor encouraging until I think he can’t take it anymore. So I guess yah I sit and watch.



He just got a new toy that he loves playing with, unfortunately so do his brothers. It is a bucket with different shape blocks and a lid with holes in the shape of the blocks. Tweedle E was playing and trying to teach him. He couldn’t understand that Tweedle 3 doesn’t know what a rectangular prism is and where it should go. Righ now he just needs to pick up the blocks, bang them together, put them in his mouth, then in the bucket, and out again.


Other playing moments include pat-a-cake (he’s getting better) in a cabin (he just watches and laughs) and tilting his head to one side when he sits opposite daddy at the dinner table. Its like Tweedle 3 is saying to daddy “I’m so cute.” My boys have also started barking at him. A couple of days ago we went for a walk and came upon a very large dog with a very deep bark. Tweedle 3 started laughing and now my older boys bark at him. Lovely.


I love this stage. He interacts like a little person and is so much fun. I can’t wait to see what he will learn next although I am morning the loosing of the littleness of a wee baby.


5 thoughts on “Its only up from here. (9 months)

  1. Oh my gosh! He’s HUGE! I can’t believe how much he’s grown in the past couple of months. We seriously need to get together because he is too adorable to not have his cheeks pinched.

    I’m watching Tammy’s kids next Friday, want to come over and play? It’s closer than Cochrane!

  2. Wow! He is getting big 🙂 Don’t worry, we will visit lots this summer and you can hold my wee baby so you don’t have to mourn the fact that yours is growing up for too much longer!

  3. I hate that. They just don’t stop growing! I am so baby hungry right now, and this adoption application is taking forever!

    BTW you’ve been tagged. Check out my blog for the ABC questions.

  4. I am so glad you are enjoying and noticing all these wonderful things he is learning, and the big Tweedles also. Yes, babies grow up too fast, but it is also exciting to see the progress they make.

  5. So lovely! The first pic is pric eless!
    He’s amazing! The little communicator! I love seeing the wee one’s sign. It’s so fun, rewarding and amazing.

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