Milestones. I just past one. My husband and I have been married 10 years. A whole decade. I was explaining to a teacher that I couldn’t hook up this weekend to play with hair extensions (long story) because it was my 10th anniversary. She was surprised and sadly not because of my youthfulness. She said “That hardly ever happens anymore.” I guess that could be true. Divorce is very common as is common law.


Here are some of the highlights (Please note these are not in any particular order):


·               Getting snowed in for an impromptu honey moon

·               Going to Arizona

·               Having Tweedle D

·               Camping

·               Having Tweedle E

·               Going away for our 5th

·               Dating

·               Better Sex (blush)

·               Having Tweedle 3

·               Getting out of Debt

·               Having Tim like his job

·               Spending Saturdays together as a family


I would like to apologize to my family for one of my highlights. I’m sorry for embarrassing you.


For the actual night we couldn’t get a sitter, so we took the whole family to Swiss Chalet. Woohoo! Actually it had been 9 years (to the date) since we had been there. I was pregnant with my first Tweedle. Maybe that is why he liked it so much. Lets just say it may be another 9 years till we go again. However I got a compliment on how well behaved my family was and how cute they are so I must be doing something right.


After Mr. Wonderful took us to Ikea and stood in the middle of the bed frames and said pick which one you want. So when we move two doors down I get a new bed. The thing is I need help. So here is where you put your two cents. Let me know which Queen bed frame I should get and why.


2 thoughts on “X

  1. Metal frames get cold at night when you turn the heat down, and those low platform beds don’t fit most underbed storage boxes (if you like having that option). It’s uncomfortable to get out of a bed that has a wide ledge around it, so I wouldn’t recommend MALM or HOPEN for that reason. I quite like the new SOREN and HEMNES. Actually, if it were me, I’d probably go for the HEMNES designed by Filippa Eneroth (not the four-poster designed by Nike Karlsson). And I’d definitely put a boxspring in it. But you have to understand where I’m coming from. We have an IKEA platform bed with a wide metal ledge, in which we have encased a cushy foam mattress. I have an arthritic hip. It’s tough to get out of bed quickly (and sometimes quicker is better, if you know what I mean) and in the middle of the night when the back of my calves hit that cold metal ledge — watch out!

    All of this is just my humble opinion, but I think this is the kind of thing you were asking for, right?

    Here is the link to the HEMNES bed I was talking about: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/S79842786

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