Friends,calgarians, countrymen lend me your ears… or at least my baby.

I hate walk in clinics. I despise some more than others, but unfortunately, with our system, they are a necessary evil. About three weeks ago I too my young baby to a walk in clinic because he had had a fever for three days was tugging on his ears and hardly sleeping. I couldn’t get ahold of my doctors office so I bundled my child and sat in a waiting room for 2 hours to be told my son was teething and all I could do was give him tylenol.I mentioned his teeth had already cut through and there wasn’t anymore swelling on the gums, but she assured me that it was teething and sometimes it hard as new mothers to tell the difference. The thing is I wasn’t a new mother. I felt stupid for wasting my time and hers. I figured she must be right she kind of checked his ears (he was quite wiggly) and took his temp (but he was on tylenol so I don’t know how that would have helped.) Fast forward a week….

Tweedle 3 still crying, still feverish. Sunday was not a day of rest in fact it was the farthest thing from heavenly at the time. Monday his fever had started to break I noticed his ear was a little crusty, but since he spits up a lot I thought it was food. Tuesday more crustiness. Wednesday I’m quite concerned and make it into the doctor. Sure enough its puss and he had an ear infection. We just finished his round of drops. His ears are clear now thank goodness. I know because she got a good look in each ear and described what she saw to me. I love my doctors office.

It took me a while to post about this because I was mad on so many levels. I was mad it wasn’t caught in the beginning. I was mad that we have such substandard healthcare that these incidences happen more often than not. I was mad for all the time I lost. Finally I was mad I didn’t trust my instincts and get a second opinion. Who am I but his advocate who should be fighting for him, he can’t

I’m stating to get over it now but its taking some time.

5 thoughts on “Friends,calgarians, countrymen lend me your ears… or at least my baby.

  1. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. EXACTLY. I walked my behind back into the clinic at Westhills and told the nurses that I wanted it put on his chart that he did indeed have an raging ear infection and that I felt that medical malpractice had happened at the clinic the day I came. That got some attention (from not only the nurses but the patients waiting in the clinic). I watched them write it in his chart and I told them I wanted a copy. They were practically shaking in their boots (of course the doc we had seen wasn’t on that day). I am sure he heard about it though although he never did take the time to call me back. Think about at least making a phone call. Seriously, it will help.


  2. Do you know what makes me laugh? (Not your situation, that’s for sure!) When you watch the latest Michael Moore film comparing healthcare in a few different countries, he films a walk-in clinic in Windsor, Ontario and talks to people who say they have a short wait time. Hello?! I do not think that is typical of most places across the country.

    And walk-in clinics do not have your (or your child’s) medical history, so they will tell you stupid things based on their assumptions.

    Anyway…I’m glad you have a good family doctor and it’s just too bad that good doctors can’t be available 24/7.

  3. Ugh! We’ve been there too. This is a subject which could just get me standing, stomping mad at the top of my soapbox.
    In the fall W had a “cold” for 6 weeks & because I didn’t want to be one of “those” mothers that runs to the doctor every time her child has a cold, I didn’t take him for far too long and then we find out he has an ear infection and the baby is about to start one as well. Ugh! I KNEW I should have taken him sooner…but fell for other people’s perceptions and not what I felt was right. Lesson learned.
    We also use chiropractic care for ear infections. Chiropractic care is a personal choice. But we find it really works and have the best chiropractor ever. She’s fabulous. Dr. Patty specializes in moms and children.
    Anyway, hope your littlest tweedle is healthy. And I agree with Kris above. If we don’t speak up…change will never happen.

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