Eight Is Great (Baby boy 8 months old)

This has been a busy two months. Two months? Yes two months since I last updated on Tweedle 3. He is growing and learning and time is flying.


Baby boy has sprouted two teeth. The process was quite difficult on the both of us peeking during the week of the eclipse. He was quite feverish, snotty and cranky. So cranky that I thought it was an ear infection (see story here).


He loves food, but only on his terms. He must be participating in the act. This is so strange to me as the other Tweedles didn’t care to feed themselves until about 1 year. He does however have similar traits in that he throws things on the floor and delights to see me pick it up just so he can drop them again.


Like his family he is quite opinionated. I don’t know why I was so surprised, considering his parents he really hadn’t a chance of being any different. He is still easy going and laid back, but at around 7 months he really let us know when he was not happy. Lets just say he found his voice, which is not unlike the deep groaning of an animal in pain. Fortunately for us he is mostly happy so that sound doesn’t come out very often.


In the past two months he has perfected clapping and is working on waving. We are trying sign language with him and he seems to be catching on. He sometimes signals “more” when I am feeding him.

Play Us A Song...


As for the sounds my little master says mum (more like mmmmmaaahummmm) when he is tired or wants to nurse, he says dad (daaaaaad, daaaaad) sometimes when Mr. Wonderful leaves the room, but mostly when he is upset with me. I’m not so naive to think that he is calling us mom and dad, but I think he associates those sounds with us in some way and it feels good to hear it. I have also heard ah nan, nana, pppp and hi. I see in his eyes that sometimes he is really thinking about forming the sound when he is mimicking.


Lest you think he is a genius, he has no interest in rolling, crawling, or being on his tummy. He can roll he just chooses not to. There are two other babies that were born within weeks if not days and they are so different. One rolls allover their house. He will look around, see what he wants, lie down and roll to that item. Too funny.


As for the interaction with his bros he enjoys being entertained by their dancing and singing. He will even go as far to encourage them by clapping and laughing at their performances.


8 thoughts on “Eight Is Great (Baby boy 8 months old)

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  2. Wow, 8 months sure does pass quickly. Anyway, this guy’s got the right idea. Why make a huge effort to get something yourself if there are 4 other people in the house who might get it for you? 😉

  3. Clapping and signing? That’s really awesome! We’re signing with R, but he’s yet to respond although he watches intently. Which is different from W who never watched at all but then one day just started signing back. Signing is such a help, and not to forget cute too.
    His smile lights up his eyes. Sweet little man.

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