Feed The Baby

I am losing my creativity. Truthfully I am losing my mind, but I’m sure if I look under my bed I will find it. Its amazing the amount of stuff that can collect there asnd its so varied. However I haven’t the time to look there because I will see something shiny and then my whole day will be shot. I digress.

My point is I have a lot to do today and one is feed the baby. I am lucky, so far my son likes everything I have given him. He has had squash, yams, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, chicken, blueberries, bananas, rice, oats, barley, green beans, a little cheese and some yogurt. The list seems pretty varied but the thing is I make in bulk so eats the same three things for a week. How very boring. I would like to give him something new.

I was inspired by Mrs. Mmmmaaahvelous’s post and thought I would make the same plea. Also mention any utensils, appliances etc you use to make it. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Feed The Baby

  1. Baby E is eating a lot of finger food these days. She has enough teeth she’ll be asking for a burger soon. In the meantime she eats pasta noodles and cereal and toast and all the ‘regular’ stuff. She likes pancakes which we throw in a banana or apple sauce. We make extra and save some for later.
    Loves avacado. Squishy peas and beans (like lima).
    Sometimes I also buy organic babyfood at SS, just for the variety in fruits etc.

  2. Have you seen the Better Baby Food book by Kalnins & Saab? It’s pretty good and available in the library. Also, one website I’ve been perusing is http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com.
    R is still pretty much eating pureed/minced foods as he only has 2 teeth. We recently tried stone whole wheat thin crackers & Venta crackers and pureed ww macaroni with tomato sauce and firm tofu…so far so good.

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