Total Eclipse

It seems that I have a thing for the music of the 80’s today. I remember listening to Bonnie Tyler and singing my heart out “every now and then I fall apart, and I need you more to night, and I need you more than ever, if you only hold me tight…” Sorry I got a little sidetracked. Its hard to keep your mind together when its not functioning in peek performance.


So last week was the week of teething and colds. The whole family was sick. Phlegm, chills, coughing and headaches plagued our household. My poor baby was feeling awful on all counts. He only wanted to nurse but his nose was stuffed. He would sleep fitfully because he couldn’t breathe and therefore I slept fitfully because I never got to that o so need REM stage. Consequently I got sick.


Since both of us were sick I thought it would be a good idea for both of us to take a bath. I started the bath water, put the plug in and walked away. That was the last I thought of taking a bath until walking past the bathroom and seeing water coming from under the door. Oops.


The next day I had the chills and my body ached. The only thing that kept me remotely warm was my magic bag. I one of my moments of selfishness and laziness, I asked one of my children to heat up the bag. With much sympathy and love he went and fulfilled my request. As he was taking the bag out of the microwave it caught the glass turntable. Smash!! Tweedle D was surrounded by broken glass. In his effort to get me the bag, while crying for fear I was going to yell, he cut his foot. I spent the next 15 minutes inspecting his foot for shards and cleaning his cut, while he punched a pillow every time it hurt. Seriously why does relief have to come at such a cost?

Friday Tweedle 3 had been up all night gagging and dry-heaving due to the phlegm. I mistook it for something more, plus he was grabbing his ears more than he usually did. After giving moral support to Tweedle E during his spelling test, I took Tweedle 3 to the walk in clinic as I couldn’t get ahold of the doctors office. I spent two hours in a germ filled room soothing a fevered little one to only be told he was teething. Don’t get me wrong I am happy he isn’t “sick.” I am happy I don’t have to give him antibiotics, but this is my third child I thought I knew what teething looked like and both of them (his teeth) had cut through. I felt deflated and stupid.


Now we have one night of sleep under our belts and the smallest of the tweedles is showing signs of teething again, but when I check his mouth, nothing. This sucks! We were late for school everyday last week. Not just a little late either. Then there was the meltdown in Safeway where I discovered I was the meanest mom and one of my kids threatened suicide because I broke up their fist fight over cereal. Looks like we all don’t perform well without sleep.Maybe this week will “Turnaround bright eyes.”


5 thoughts on “Total Eclipse

  1. Wishing you better things to come. Of course, any small improvement is bound to be better — sounds like you’ve been having a really rough time. (I’d like to say cheerfully that “hey, spring is just around the corner”, but I’m not really feeling it so that would be insincere.)

  2. This last full moon was the full moon of heavy snow. Lucky us. Its starting to get lighter earlier here but March 8th we “spring forward” so all will be dark again.

  3. hmmm…Baby E has the same symptoms right now, which are worse than usual for teething. Maybe your trip to the doctor saves me a trip…silver lining? Thanks.

    You are as witty and clever as always =)

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