This just in…

Tweedle 3 has two teeth. That would partially explain the lack of sleep. The other part is the crappiest cold ever. Too bad its making the rounds. Maybe I’ll feel more like posting when my sinuses clear.


5 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. Yay for Tweedle 3’s new teeth!! Boo for lack of sleep. Boo for the crappiest cold. Weve had that making the rounds here, too. Ches has been sick for about 2 weeks now. He *never* gets sick. Almost never, really. And when he does, it’s like a 1 day thing and he’s fine until next year. This sucks. Will flu season be over soon????

  2. I’m sorry–about the teeth–if you’re nursing. I was and remain most grateful that none of my kids really had much in the way of teeth until they were at least a year old–old enought to unserstand biting=ow! If you are happy about it, then yay!
    Hope wellness strike soon, and stays. Sleep is good.

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