“There should only be 3 kinds of clothes in your closet. Ones that you love, ones that fit, and ones that look good on you… Wish clothes only serve one purpose, that is to mock you.” – Peter Walsh (Former Clean Sweep English dude)


4 thoughts on “Quotation

  1. Great quote. And really, if you follow what Stacy and Clinton will teach you, thoese three kinds of clothes will be all the same items. You will love them, they will fit you (and fit you well), and they will look good on you (hence, the fitting well).

  2. That’s awesome.
    I wish I had seen his most recent appearance on Oprah.
    Clothes…unfortunately mine fit (I wish they were all too big) but they’re uuuuuglee! I feel like frumpy-nerd-mother…out of touch.

  3. Trinny and Susannah would probably say that the only clothes you should have are the ones that make you look good. It’s the same thing. I have a couple of mocking items: I;m going to get rid of them now.

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