The cookie Mafia should just come and finish me off.

I had plans today. Although my husband had plans and was out most of the day, my plans did not require him to be here. I was going to brave the cold and the fact I had 3 kids and make my way out to go grocery shopping and photocopy the service sheet. Somewhere in there we were going to clean my kitchen and vacuum the living room.

My day took a wrong turn right after our cookie lunch. Thats right I said it “cookie lunch”. I made sugar cookies last night and was going to ice them today. They never got iced. I didn’t even attempt to ice them. Didn’t even make the icing. Anyway now I am walking around like I have lead in my shoes and I have a head ache (stupid sugar). All I want to do is sleep.

I do have my service sheet ready to photocopy and I enlisted the help of my eldest to empty the dishwasher. Good thing I gave birth to those slaves. Maybe I can get the middle boy to clean up the popcorn. I could say “please Tweedle E, vacuum for mummy. I’ll give you a cookie.” No, wait, I already ate them. Curses! You know I think he planned it.


2 thoughts on “The cookie Mafia should just come and finish me off.

  1. The Cookie Mafia? LOL — I always love reading your blog just to read the titles 🙂

    I tagged you on my blog — I rarely tag. And this one is short and easy 🙂

  2. I was reading this while eating cookie dough. Seriously! Thanks for the future headache warning, because I’ve now stopped. I actually shouldn’t have even started since I’m trying to lose weight. Whoops.

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