Brain Drain

My mind is all a twitter. I have so many things buzzing around in it. Here is just a sample:


Should I start up a business? I need to call the doctor. I really should fold my laundry. I need to eat more vegetables. I want a house. I really should get off my lazy butt and clean the place I got. The markets are going south. I am too sedentary. I need to move my body. I am spending too much time on the computer. I need a nap. I’m falling behind on my work. I think I should finish that scarf before it’s too late to wear it. I should read my scriptures. I need to get back to that book for book club. How do I help my parents? I really like that sweater. Dang it Rogers over billed me again this month. I hate being right. I want to do something useful. I need to make more baby food. I had better get the service sheet done for tomorrow morning. My kids don’t have pants. I need to fold my laundry so I can do more laundry. I wish Tweedle 3 would poop.  My butt looks big. I think that’s a fat mirror. Speaking of fat mirrors, I believe Gyms put them in. email the teacher. Get off the computer. Get off the computer right NOW! You are wasting time. Gotta go my mind is getting mad at me. Bye.


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