6 months and A Bit

Sorry I’m late with the update. Tweedle 3 reached 6 months whilst in the throws of the holidays. We all know how busy those holidays can get and I am still trying to catch up.


A lot has happened this past month. He is eating as much as he can of rice, oats, squash, blueberries, sweet potatoes and applesauce. The plan is to start him on peas, carrots, peaches and pears this next while. We have recently purchased a booster feeding chair and he definitely eats better in there. I have taken to making my own baby food, which is more cost effective. I don’t know how we survived buying all of those jars for the other two, but I digress.

I Like to Eat


My baby boy has also reached some more important milestones. He can sit on his own (mostly, at least for a minute or two) and he has finally rolled from his back to his front, but as he is not inclined to roll he just gets mad until someone pick him up. When he is on his back he pelvic thrusts to let you know he wants to be picked up. Sometimes this is his way for getting around the room as well. He can travel pretty fast and has the bald spot to show for it.


As for the sleeping issue it has gone from bad to worse. I now get up every 1.5 to 2 hours a night. I am attributing this to the randomness of his schedule over the holiday. I’m hoping that as we get back into the routine he will sleep better. Rumor has it if he sleeps well during the day, he will sleep well at night, but we’ll see.


He has reached a new level of play now and he really digs his toys. Unfortunately he doesn’t have much to choose from because we gave away all of our baby toys before I got pregnant. Looks like I will have to go shopping, but this time I will be smarter about the toys I buy.



On the 3rd, Tweedle three had his shots. He had 4 needles (2 in each leg), poor guy. The next day he was so crabby. It made me wonder if this was even worth it. In another month he will have to get his second dose of flu vaccine and then he is done till 12 months. I think that is the perfect birthday present, NOT. Those shots are to protect him from disease. What is a mom to do?


Speaking of Disease he presently has a cold and a cough (only while he lies down of eats.) I hate to hear him wheeze. I think I will bring this up at his next appointment. Oh and BTW he weighs 16 lbs and 14 oz according to the scale at the health clinic.


2 thoughts on “6 months and A Bit

  1. That picture of him zoned out with the video game is so priceless!

    Oh, and I make baby food, too. I can probably count how many jars of food I have purchased, for both children. The rest of the food has been given to us, or made by me. If you make a big batch and spread the mash (say, peas) into ice cube trays, then you have one-ounce servings. I keep the cubes in a freezer bag once they’re frozen, to stave off freezer burn and smells.

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