A while back I wrote about pleasant customer service. My intent was just to spread the good news about a company. We were amid recalls, and I just thought it would be nice. A representative for the company’s competition thought it would be nice if I reviewed some of their product. So it was worked out and I received a sample of some much needed diapers and wipes, from Pampers, to try out. Isn’t it nice when everyone is being nice?


I must admit when I first opened the package I was a little skeptical as to their absorbency power for they were considerably thin when compared to the store brand I had been using at the time.



When I fist put them on my son I noticed that they were a bit roomier than the other size 3 diapers I had been using in the past. This was a good feature as my son is a bit more rounded in the belly and chubby in the thighs than my other two boys.


As the days passed my son did his best to beat the barriers of double gathers and absorbent padding. You know he does pee like a champ and had powerful poop. I was experiencing at least 3 leaks a week. He succeeded only once with a blowout. Otherwise the gathers held up remarkably well.


There was only one thing I disliked. It was the scent, but that is purely subjective. I know of others who like the scent.


As for the Pampers baby fresh wipes, they remained really moist and cleaned up quite well. The texture was a bit odd but I got used to it. Again the scent bothered me, but most scents do.


Since trying out the diapers I had gone back to a store brand and was so not impressed. I have already purchased a package of Pampers baby dry size 3, as they seem to fit my son better. With three boys at home anything that can make my life easier, and less laundry makes it easier, is worth getting.


2 thoughts on “Pampered

  1. I’m of the opinion that the biggest reason why some parents like certain brands more than others is fit. Every baby is shaped differently and finding the fit that works best for your baby is the key to a happy family. I’m glad you found the fit that works for you.

    Pampers aren’t my favourite, because of the shape of my boys’, but my SIL has used them almost exclusively. I buy the Target brand diapers and they fit fine. I like Huggies as my favourite name-brand. If you ever get the opportunity to try out Huggies Supreme, do so, the diapers are great and the wipes, with their ripples, are amazing. (But costly, and my store-brand diapers work fine.)

  2. I agree with Zen Mama – I am partial to the Costco Kirtland Brand as I find they fit the best and thwart leaks on my son – for little guy I have been using Target brand, but he is nearly ready for the Costco Kirtland brand – they grow so fast in just a week, it amazes me. Oh, and I sure know about powerful poop! 🙂

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