Can I Interest You In A Used Car?

I’m not selling a car but in about 15 years my middle Tweedle probably will be. He does not aspire to car sales as of yet, but his charm, winning smile and con like personality would make him perfect for the job. I’m not really complaining. Secretly I think its quite funny, but at the same time its quite a handful.

Last week was parent teacher interviews. I was prepared with my concerns and braced myself for whatever Miss M had to say. We focused on things that were within his power to change and discussed strategies that were working.For those of you who don’t know my middle Tweedle doesn’t like to do hardly anything in class. It was this way last year and we are seeing history repeat itself. I think it’s partly because they ignored my concerns last year but I digress. (remember I’m not complaining) so one strategy for getting him to work was to put him with a buddy. All was going well or so we thought until I went to the teacher and said “this is not his hand writing.” She inquired further and found my little guy had charmed his buddy into doing all his work for him. Needless to say he has a new buddy that isn’t so easily swayed.

This is not the only incident either. A couple of weeks ago Tweedle E had an incident with another student. Because the teacher was run off her feet she sent him to the office and phone the principal to let her know that he needed to speak with her. When he got in the office, the principal asked what the problem was. He said he was sick so she had the secretary phone me to pick him up. That little booger bold face lied to the principal. Unfortunately or fortunately they were not able to get me and he went back to class where his teacher asked if he talked with Mrs. H. He said yes. Another consequence averted.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. He winks a his teachers while smiling and pointing his finger like a gun. He get free food from bakery owners at the farmers market and is just about everyones favorite because he feels so deeply and is so enthusiastic. Sometimes I even have a hard time. I just have to remember who the parent is and what a parents responsibility is. Should be easy enough right? Well if I don’t guide him he may end up selling cars or worse yet Ocean Front Property in Arizona. Maybe we can put these skills to use and he will become a great leader. Here’s hoping.


One thought on “Can I Interest You In A Used Car?

  1. Sounds a bit like my middle daughter – though she enjoys doing stuff at school. She will do her best to get away with anything she can – and is absolutely sweet and adorable to boot. Not to mention ingenious. Sounds like you often say what we say in our house – if we can only channel the ingenuity for good! 🙂

    Best of luck with your handful – there’s at least one in every family 😉

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