5 Months

It has been five months since Tweedle 3 has joined our family. He is growing (in length mostly) so much he is almost out of his 6 month clothing. In fact I think he is going through a growth spurt right now. He even eats in his sleep.BumboSpeaking of eating, he now grabs food and drink from my hand before it reaches my mouth. We went to the Dino Basketball game and he grabbed the battled water (we are off pop) out of my hand and put it to his lips. He got a bit wet heheh. Then he grabbed the ham bun I was eating. I intercepted that before an morsel could touch his lips. So the point is I have started him on rice. I think he is ready now.

Tweedle 3 has increased in his ablilties he still rolls from front to back and has tried very hard to get from back to front. It should be any day now. He is almost sitting on his own and he makes ah ah ah sounds whilst patting his mouth with his fist.

More SmilesNow that he is five months old he is developing more of a personality. There are things he definitely loves: food, swinging upside down, hugging Daddy, and Tweedle D’s silly faces. Likes: showers, swing, diaper changes, bumbo chair, and baby yoga with Tweedle E. Dislikes: not eating, wind, cold, car trips between 5-9pm, and soothers. In fact he really dislikes anything in his mouth that isn’t food or his fist.

We certainly love having him around. He brings so much happiness. Both of his brothers love him so much. I just wish they would love each other that much. He is such an easy going baby which really helps out with our hectic schedule. We are so lucky.


7 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. Sounds like he is alot of fun! I think Christmas will be alot of fun with everyone wo will be there 🙂 Can’t wait!! B will have fun with him, I’m sure.

  2. He is SO cute! I love this age. Lots of fun, happy babies. My E has food envy too. She’s only had cereal so far, but it’ hard not to just give her bites of real food. Of course she wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway!

  3. Did you make his eyes out of Junior mints? Thats how we made Ian’s. We love the pictures. Ian was jumping up and down yelling Jesse – it was funny. Right now he is asking for Jesse again so I better go back to the pictures.

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