Who Needs a Tookus?

I had many more things that I could call this post, but knowing my mother occasionally reads this I decided not to debase myself by using language that is unbecoming a lady. Hahahah!

 Earlier this year my husband was offered a job that would take us south. South to where the weather is warmer. South to where there is minimal shoveling of snow or scraping of the windshield. Unfortunately the move didn’t work out and well, I am here. This morning I took my boys to school in -23 C (-9.4 F). It felt like -27 (-16.6) according to the wind chill.  According to me it felt Awfully cold.

When the temperature gets like this (or when there is snow to shovel, or windows to scrape) I can be found screaming “I am not suppose to be here!” Its close to 8:00 am and some people might still be sleeping, but I don’t care. If I am not aloud to swear then I should be aloud to vent what ever way possible to get me through this ordeal. I don’t consider it an ordeal if it is -5 (23). I get it. The Earth has seasons and getting cold is necessary for the killing of bugs yadda, yadda, yadda. But really is -23 all that necessary? It is cold enough to freeze your tookus off.

I have been told I need to accept my fait. I live in Canada and its cold in Canada so get a nice hat and get over it. I’ve tried it. I got a nice stocking cap knitted hat thingy (toque) and my son borrowed it an lost it and now my head freezes. I have nice boots (thankfully he doesn’t fit those yet). My husband bought me a winter jacket and some mittens. I am making it through but it will be a long long long time before I ever take on that attitude that it is all right to live in the Earth’s Icebox. Who needs a tookus? I do. Its the only thing that isn’t sagging right now.


6 thoughts on “Who Needs a Tookus?

  1. I totally understand, believe me, I do. I do not miss cold. In fact, I LOVE the heat. I went to my in-laws in NC this week and it was cold, but not snowing. I can handle that. I can handle a jacket, but mittens and toques and layers and socks and thermals…so overrated.

    Come on down south…we always need managers 🙂

  2. Atleast you can look forward to the chinook coming your way!! It doesn’t make it up this far 😦 You are looking at +7 for monday, we are still warming up too but to a nice -10! It was -27 when I drove my husband to the train staion so I know what it is like and it is not fun. Hang in there, monday will be much better 🙂 (for you anyway)

  3. Holy cow…Calgary is COLDER than Anchorage ALASKA? Must be a sign of the times *wink*. I am sorry you are freezing. I can relate. BUT I do like the cold…I have always been like that. Now heat, that drives me nuts. And to think we might end up in Texas in 4 years!


  4. H&M: The thing that gets me the most is I was not suppose to be here.

    Rachel: I know it can be hard without the chinook but the winter is shorter there if you can believe it. I know its no consolation. As of now the chinook (migraine) has been pushed back to tuesday.

    Sariah: you are free to say whatever you want, including during the summer when it is too hot.

    Kris: What the heck? I was expecting you to comment and say Hey Al its all relative. You should see how cold it is here. But I guess you are closer to the effects of global warming.

  5. Well, out west where you are they like to make fun of us here in “central” Canada, where, thanks to ex-mayor Mel Lastman, cold and snow descending on Toronto turns into a national emergency. (Mel Lastman is not typical, people. We make fun of him as well, okay?) By the way, my son just took my toque, too. But now that his feet are too BIG for my boots, I am at least in the clear there.

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