Lunch, and a little human touch.

I am going to a potluck lunch this afternoon. Its something I wouldn’t normally do, but I need company. You see this started out to be a “older” ladies lunch and I’m not old enough. However the organizer said all were welcome so I’m going.I’m bringing bread which sucks because we went through the 4 loaves to fast and I will be cooking again tonight, but its potluck and I haven’t the time to make anything else. I am also going because I’m lonely and its winter and those two things combined are not good for me. I try to communicate through here and my facebook and email, but you all have lives and its not meeting the need. Don’t worry I’m not blue. I’m just preventing the blues. Hopefully.  Well gotta go get ready. The just out bed look is not what I am going for this time around. Why does it have to be so cold? And why won’t wordpress let me write in paragraphs? Humph!


3 thoughts on “Lunch, and a little human touch.

  1. I so know what you mean, and I wish I had a potluck lunch I could go to. I have no idea what I’d take though, because I don’t have any home-baked bread.

    For paragraphs, you could try using the paragraph tag (that’s a ‘p’ inside angle brackets, although you probably already know that).

  2. I wanted to be at that lunch SO bad but it’s during the day so I’d have to bring my tikes along and that takes all the fun out of Ladies Lunch. Was it fun? Were there lots of people?

    I’m so jealous.

    Are we still on for Friday night?

  3. They have a lunch ladies here, but not only do I feel waaaaay too young to go (although I would do it anyway because some of these older ladies are crazy fun!), but I just don’t have the money. It’s not potluck. It’s meet at a different restaurant. I can’t afford lunch and find a sitter or anything, so I stay home, stuck with lots of kids under the age of 5 and slowly tear my hair out.

    Call me call me call me call me call me. It helps with the blues. Or the prevention of the blues. 😉

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