“Make The Presents, Make The Presents”

This year we have had a few last minute expenses, and the fact that I am trying to follow some present rules, has made it necessary to make most of the presents this year. Don’t get me wrong, these won’t be “cheap” presents. Here are some of the rules.

1. A present must be functional or consumable. Space is a prime real estate in my house so if I don’t need it, I probably won’t want it. I am Assuming that would be the same for others. Lets hope that my assumptions aren’t wrong.

2. One must not sabotage others efforts. Say my recipient is on a quest for healthy eating. If I give them a box of chocolates, although meeting the first criteria, that would be sabotage.

Other than the usual respect for others beliefs etc. that go with giving one a present, that should be all. Don’t worry if you are not going to make the present. I have just made a personal choice to do so this year. If you need some suggestions for Gifts that meet the criteria here are a few.

Movie Passes
Attraction Passes (museum, science center, zoo, heritage park, Disney____)
Contributions to a project the family is saving for (Disney Fund)
A Stock or Bond
A Date (complete with baby sitting)
Photo album (Not everyone has time or the inclination to scrapbook)
A CD of some favorite music
Candle that is ment to be burnt

Cookies in a jar (may be sabotage)
Herbs, other cooking ingredients
Food Storage items
72 hour kit items

My kids are getting Quillows this year because they like ther dad’s blanket so much. They particularly like the pocket for their feet. Now I just need to find the time and space to make them.

Do you have any rules or guidelines for presents?


4 thoughts on ““Make The Presents, Make The Presents”

  1. I think we really have the same rules. I’m tired of the kids getting toys that the kids play with for a day and either destroy or lose the next day. If it’s a toy that my child really and truely will play with, then I guess it’s worth it. But they don’t need more toys. I want pretty much the same things you have on your list: movie passes, zoo memberships, money to pay off debt, 72 hour kit stuff and food storage… etc. Oh, and I want the Gospel Art Kit (but it’s freakin’ 50 bucks!! I just about choked when I went to buy it!) for FHE.

  2. We got passes from Nana and Poppa last year and then we invited them to the zoo with us. It was a great gift and we all got to enjoy it. They live out of town so it was a special day. I thought it was a perfect gift.

    I think your rules are great. Any hints on what you’ll be making this year?
    I always think food things are good too. Canning or baking…or salsa (ha) since I don’t do it.

  3. Brilliant!
    I am a full believer of clutter-free gift giving and my favorite husband and I have agreed that this year our gifts to one another is to plan a date complete with babysitting arranged. Wuhoo!
    There’s a website…flylady…that has a section on clutter free gift giving…you may find it interesting.

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