The “Calm” After The Storm

For the last 2 weeks a cold has been running rampant through our house. Tweedle E was patient zero. Symptoms showed up in Tweedle D and Mr. Wonderful. Tweedle 3 is just getting over it. He had it the worst. I think he even got the croup. We spent yesterday in the shower, and pulled out the cold mist vapourizer. He actually slept, fitfully, through last night for which I am greatful. Unfortunatly now I am surrounded by the carnage.

There are dishes in the sink and the dishwasher. Mount Kilamin-laundy is outside my bathroom. My Livingroom is the site for which a clean laundy slide took out the lego village that my sickos used to entertain themselves. Those poor villagers. A rescue mission is underway, but alas I think it will be more of a recovery mission.

As you can tell I have a lot to do. I also need to get rid of a vintage coffee table and two matching end tables otherwise no christmas tree this year. My children say unacceptable (in a Super Nanny kind of voice). So I’m going to take a small break to put my life (my home) back together.

In the mean time Tweedle D has offered to make a guest post or two.He wants his own space to “blog”. He says it makes him feel big and grown up, but I am a little nervous about what he might put up so we compromised. He can post here and I can edit if needed. Also I can see if he is really serious about it instead of contributing to the dead site trash out there. Hint Hint Kenyon. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The “Calm” After The Storm

  1. It’s funny/scary to think how the tables will be turned and our kids will be blogging about us in the future. I’m not sure I’m ready for what my future teenagers will have to say!

  2. Looking forward to Tweedle D’s post! Understand the dig-out–Oct was a killer month around here! Now it is all Nativity…all the time! But the Major Nativity stuff is out of my garage! So now I can see to put my tools away, and with luck finish up Richard’s birthday present before Christmas! Amazing what we have to dig out from under, isn’t it?

  3. Ugh – I hate it when we have all been sick and I have to try to catch up – we went through that recently. I hope regaining order is coming around okay for you guys – I keep hoping that I’ll be on top of things by Thanksgiving… we shall see.

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