Love Bites

I Like cookies. I like to make cookies and I like to eat them. The evidence is all over my kitchen and my hips. I am particularly liking this peanut butter chocolate chip recipe I made yesterday. I need to pack them away so I don’t eat them all. Tonight I will be baking the snickerdoodles dough I made 2 days ago. Hopefully 🙂

What is your favorite cookie?


10 thoughts on “Love Bites

  1. I make thumbprint cookies with a sweet shortbread recipe, only I add a touch of savoury herbs. Then I fill the thumbprint with red pepper jelly. It’s weird, but I like it.

  2. My grandma used to make a cookie we called jam jams…two crunchie buttery gingery cookies with crabapple jelly in the middle.
    I also really love a chocolatey macaroon like the ones you get at Cookies By George.

    Karen’s cookies sound very interesting!

  3. Our family favourite is the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe that floats around the net. While the story is a hoax, the recipe is not. It is AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend it. It makes a huge batch, so halving it would suffice. Seriously, we make these about once a month!

  4. I’m trying really hard to be good, and making healthier things. Lately our family is on an uncontrollable urge for the Cupcake Cafe‘s Oatmeal Raisin cookies with King Arthur Flour White Whole Wheat substituted for the all-purpose flour. It’s so yummy, and it’s not as junky! (unless, of course, you eat the whole batch, like I did. Twice. No more baking for me.)

  5. Mmmm, snickerdoodles…

    Okay, so I guess I don’t really have a *favorite* cookie. I love chocolate chip. Seriously. Regular ol’ chocolate chip. But it can’t have nuts, and it has so be soft (I don’t like hard cookies). Oh, and I love Pepperidge Farms cookies… Milanos, the yummy Chewy stuff, Sausalitos… I love ’em all (again, just no nuts!)

  6. I love snickerdoodles. Soft and warm. Seriously, that’s not a ploy. I was thinking of making some today as long as I get a good nap in. David was up all night and is choosing to not nap.

    I’ve also been craving cinnamon rolls so I think I have a good list of favorite baked goods to start on.

  7. Hi Alyson–

    Recently, I read that you had a positive experience using Huggies for Tweedle 3, so I thought that you’d be a perfect fit for a project we’re working on with Pampers Stages. We’re looking for the honest opinions of parents, and I wanted to know if you’d like to review the product on your site. If you are, we’ll send you a Jumbo pack of the correct size along with a tub of corresponding wipes. Please email me if you’re interested, we’d love to have your voice included.

    Thanks so much,

    p.s. best cookie–oatmeal raisin!

  8. Hey Al, thanks a lot. I went to Target after reading this, and I couldn’t resist stopping by the cookie aisle, where select Pepperidge Farm cookies were on sale, 2 for $4. So I got some snickerdoodles and some soft and chewy dark chocolate chunk. Oh well. At least I’m sharing them with the kids, right? 😀

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