More Than Meets the Eye

Just rented transformers for my weekend of fun with the boys. I must admit that I wasn’t looking forward to watching this movie. I wasn’t ever in to transformers growing up, so multiple hours (because they will watch it more than once) was not my idea of fun. However a weekend of doing chores and hair and nails would not be fun for them either so we compromised. They got a movie and I got my toilet clean and my kitchen swept. Yay!

Back to the movie. I was pleasntly surprised that there was somewhat a plot. I found myself hoping the Marine would make it home to his baby (almost has nothing to do with the story but hey whatever gets me through right). Maybe the fact that the Marine was Josh Duhamel had something to do with it, but then again he dateth Fergie so maybe it didn’t.

About a half an hour from the end of the movie I was thinking “OK I get it they are robots and they fight ugh.” Then there were the “questionable” topics that came up like the “m” word. All I can say is that I’m grateful that my sons don’t know what that means nor did they seem to want to know.

All in all it was a better than ok movie and it will be going back tomorrow lest my boys all of a sudden attach themselves to the “m” word and I end up answering questions I’m not prepared to answer. I also need to remember that I am not the producers’ target audience.

I give it 3 1/2 * out of 5. Tweedle D gives it a 10 out of 5 and Tweedle E gives it a 70 out of 89. So there you go.

P.S my favorite line is at the beginning. “Look at those cheeks I just wanna chew on em” (Josh Duhamel’s character talking about his baby girl)

One thought on “More Than Meets the Eye

  1. We watched the movie last weekend – though I must confess that I loved the cartoon and playing with transformers as a kid – hey, I had older brothers and hardly even knew that nail polish existed.

    I actually really enjoyed the movie – though the whole M thing bothered me. Why do they have to ruin things for lame attempt at humor is beyond me. It’s not a favorite, but I didn’t think it a waste of two hours of life either. I agree with your rating. There were even some spots that I found quite amusing.

    I definitely wouldn’t be wanting answer M related question yet either…

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